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Paper Shredding ServiceIf your business or office is consistently shredding paper, it’s important to work with a paper shredding services & recycling company to maximize your recycling profits.

Combined Resources works with commercial businesses to ensure the highest yield possible. We provide commercial paper shredding services and paper recycling programs to businesses in Chicago and Addison, Illinois. We also provide services and solutions to businesses across the nation to meet your paper shredding and recycling needs.

Is your office implementing a bulk document shredding or paper recycling program but worried about a potential security breach? You’re not alone.

Many business owners are ready to minimize their company’s overall environmental impact without compromising the security of their organization and clients. With our bulk commercial paper shredding services and paper recycling programs, we uphold the privacy of your office or business.

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Our Chicago Paper Shredding Services & Recycling Programs

As a leading Chicagoland recycling company and shredding service, the Combined Resources team has the skills and experience needed to create a comprehensive and customized document shredding service and solution for your business.

Our innovative management team will create a thorough paper shredding and recycling process that aligns with the objectives of your business. Best of all, no matter what your commercial paper shredding and paper recycling solution entails, our qualified, trained, and most importantly discreet industry professionals will give you peace of mind.  At Combined Resources, maintaining our partners’ privacy is our top priority; we are a hands-on business recycling corporation that is completely focused on customer service. We are a bulk paper shredding center that can quickly and effectively manage all your paper recycling needs while ensuring you’ll never have to worry about a corporate security breach.

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Why Shred Documents?

Shredding is one of the best ways to protect your business from a data security breach. It should come as no surprise that dumpster diving is alive and well in Chicago. And it’s perfectly legal to do it.

Personal and confidential data can be easily obtained by thieves this way if it is not 100% destroyed and you have no recourse against this theft. Personal shredders simply can’t guarantee the level of destruction needed to protect sensitive data. Shredded pages that have been tossed out in the trash can be reassembled by motivated criminals.

Disgruntled or unscrupulous employees have been known to steal confidential company data as well. It’s not uncommon for sensitive data to be under lock and key while in the office, but then simply get tossed in the trash when it’s not needed anymore. Anyone could grab that information and use it for their own purposes. Securing these types of confidential documents on-site in a locked “to be shredded” box and then having a document destruction service come in and destroy them is the best way to ensure that data never leaves your site intact.

Shredding might be required in your industry. Government regulations are forcing more and more businesses to be responsible for protecting their clients’ personal information. Shredding is the best way to ensure this protection.

Our shredding services in Chicago include free recycling of shredded documents. This helps reduce your company’s solid waste output and provides materials for reuse.

In short, shredding:

  • Prevents confidential data loss
  • Protects against identity theft
  • Enhances privacy protection
  • Improves legal compliance
  • Reduces your company’s environmental impact

What Makes CRI Document Destruction Secure?

The primary reason businesses and individuals shred documents is to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Shredding services like CRI use equipment that makes it impossible for a document to be reassembled, greatly reducing the chances of this data becoming stolen.

We have this function down to a science. Our customized shredding services in Chicago include the collection of sensitive data at your convenience. We will shred your documents and provide you with a certificate of destruction upon completion. This certificate is your insurance that the documents have been destroyed completely. It can also be used to prove to regulators or customers that the data has been destroyed in compliance with regulations.

And of course, our services are discreet and performed by highly-qualified and trained document destruction professionals.

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