Commercial Recycling Services & Solutions

Combined Resources has partnered with businesses and manufacturers to provide unique large-volume recycling solutions for over 30 years. From paper and plastics to metal scrap and corrugated cardboard, we develop a comprehensive recycling program for our clients ensuring all available recyclable material is removed from the facility and turned for value back to the company.

Adding value and convenience for your business, each truckload is sorted and valued in our recycling center using scales certified by the state of Illinois ensuring accurate weight-based valuation. This means you don’t have to sort your load yourself, and our measurements are the most accurate possible.

Our aim is to help our clients reduce their need for using landfills, creating a more efficient and clean production process.

High-Volume Commercial Recycling Services

Our services are specifically tailored to high-volume producers – those who are regularly producing tons of scrap materials. Our aim is to assess your current recyclable production and develop a program that is efficient and effective in reducing the amount of waste you produce.

We haul all your recyclable materials including:

We tailor our collection of services directly to your needs. If you routinely produce high-volume of recyclables, we can adjust our turn-over schedules to ensure you have a trailer on-site to remove your products – keeping your facility safe and clean.

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