Benefits Of Paper Shredding In Chicago

Considering A Paper Shredding Service? Here’s How Your Efforts Can Pay Off

Whether you’re a small business with 10 employees, or your downtown office takes up an entire city block, it’s inevitable that you create some level of paper waste. If you’ve been cringing as you watch the waste bins fill up with paper, there has never been a better time to start a program for paper shredding in Chicago.

Wondering if all the effort is really worth it? It is! Here’s why.

Document Shredding Protects Sensitive Company And Client Data

The main reason most businesses choose to participate in a program for paper shredding in Chicago is to protect sensitive data. It might seem obvious to shred anything with banking information and personal data like social security numbers, but you would be surprised at how creative savvy criminals can get with even seemingly innocuous data.

The safest course of action is to shred all business documents – even post it notes where you jot down phone and account numbers! Newspapers, magazines and junk mail can be included in your regular paper recycling. Bills, credit card offers, and other mail with business information should be shredded.

Paper Shredding Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Another benefit of paper shredding in Chicago is that it reduces your company’s carbon footprint. If you partner with a reputable local recycling firm like Combined Resources, your documents will not only be shredded, but recycled as well. Paper can be recycled over and over. Basic copier paper can be made into new recycled copier paper, or even into other paper products like paper towels or bathroom tissue.

While paper products do come from a renewable resource, trees, the rate at which we harvest trees for paper and the amount consumed per person per year is quite alarming. Additionally, the process for manufacturing virgin paper involves a significant amount of energy.

Recycling Creates Paper Waste Awareness

Unlike some other corporate recycling programs that are free, paper shredding in Chicago is an expense. Many companies that begin paper shredding programs start to see the financial impact of their paper waste and come up with initiatives to reduce it. Some ways you can reduce your paper waste include:

  • Using the double sided feature on your copy machine.
  • Using email communication whenever possible.
  • Taking meeting notes on a laptop instead of paper.
  • Creating digital reports for clients and employees instead of printed copies.
  • Implementing a document retention policy and contracting with a scanning service to digitize old files.
  • Upgrading your company server for more storage and to accommodate file sharing and security of digital files that do not need to be printed.

Combined Resources Is Your Partner For Paper Shredding In Chicago

If you want to be assured that your sensitive data is properly shredded and recycled, make CRI your first call. We provide secure bins for shredding throughout your office, pick up on a regular schedule, and provide a contractual guarantee that we shred and recycle your paper waste appropriately.

Contact Combined Resources, Inc. today at 630-693-0111 to learn more about paper shredding in Chicago.

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