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Wood & Plastic Used Pallet Recycling

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CRI is your premier wood and plastic pallet supplier-providing customer driven solutions. We offer the largest variety of Upcycled 48×40 GMA grades and custom Recycled Hybrid pallets. Whether you are looking to add used pallet recycling and disposal to your program or are in need of purchasing pallets for your business, Combined Resources can develop a program to fit your needs.

Used Pallet Removal & Recycling

Are your used wood or plastic pallets creating clutter in your warehouse, loading zones or factory? Recycle and dispose of your pallets today with Combined Resources, Inc. to clear that much-needed space. We offer customizable used pallet recycling & pick up services for small to large businesses. Used pallets are able to be loaded with your other recyclable materials creating a single load.

With our fleet of trailers, we are able to schedule pickups and even live loads of your used wood or plastic pallets to ensure a timely office or business recycling program focused on efficiency.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets do not contain any nails or staples that could cause damage to product or personnel. They can also be exported without heat treatment. Type and amount of material will determine dynamic load capacity. The usage will determine the style of plastic pallet needed for each application.

Types of Wood & Plastic Pallets:

  • New & Used 48×40 lightweight Plastic Pallets
  • 48×48 Pallets
  • 48×40 Block Pallets

Grade A Pallets:

  • Reconditioned Pallets
  • No blocks
  • No half runner stringer repairs
    • Repaired by block or half runner stringer

Grade B Pallets:

  • Reconditioned Pallets
  • New Pallets—Built to order
  • Uses Yellow Pine or hardwood
  • Custom Sizes
  • Heavy Duty Available

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