Importance of Document Shredding Services and Why to Hire a Professional

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Shred Your Documents

Even many of today’s modern offices still produce a lot of paper waste, despite concerted efforts to go paperless. If you’re still relying on desk side personal shredders for disposing of sensitive documents, you could be making a few critical mistakes.

Here’s why you should hire a professional to shred your documents.


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Reason #1 – It’s More Secure

Advances in technology make it easier for thieves to reconstruct shredded documents, so even the fancy cross-cut shredders can potentially be hacked by someone with motive and patience. Not only are personal shredders not as effective, but the waste is often left in garbage cans for janitorial staff to pick up at night, further increasing the risk for a security breach.

Professional document shredding services provide locked bins with a slot only big enough for paper to fit through. The bins cannot be tampered with or opened except by the driver who collects the documents under strict security protocols. The documents are then taken to a secure shredding facility, shredded and securely bagged for commercial recycling.


Reason #2 – Commercially Shredded Paper can be Recycled

Paper that’s been shredded with a personal shredder cannot be recycled. The reason is that the shredder cuts the paper fibers into very short pieces that can fall through the screens in a recycling center. Additionally, loose shredded paper in a recycle bin is very difficult to sort from other recyclables and creates litter.

Commercially shredded paper, on the other hand, is prepped and shredded specifically for processing at commercial paper recycling centers. Having your documents professionally shredded is not only more secure, it’s better for the environment as it ensures the paper can be efficiently recycled and reused.


Reason #3 – It’s Cost Effective

When you partner with a professional shredding company, you only pay for the services you use. You set a schedule that works for your office – if your bins aren’t full each week, there’s no need to pay for a pickup. Additionally, if you’re putting less paper and shredded documents in your regular waste bins, you may be able to cut back on janitorial services.

Finally, when you compare the nominal cost of using a third party to a potential security breach that could financially ruin your company, most agree it’s a small price to pay.


Combined Resources Inc. Understands the Importance of Document Shredding for Businesses

CRI has been serving Chicago area businesses for 30 years with professional recycling services. Our focus is a continual commitment to customer service and satisfaction that you simply cannot get from the big name recycling companies. Our clients know their drivers and trust that their sensitive documentation is being safely destroyed and recycled.

Our paper shredding services start with a free recycling audit to assess your business’s paper waste stream and shredding needs. You only pay for the services you use, and you can adjust your pick up schedule at any time. To learn more or to schedule your free audit, call 855-782-8490.

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