Corrugated Cardboard Recycling

Combined Resources, Inc. specializes in the handling of many different grades of recyclable fibers, including corrugated cardboard and gaylords. If your company produces high volumes of corrugated cardboard or OCC waste, we can haul away them away bundled with your other recyclable materials. ┬áBulk corrugated cardboard recycling services are turnkey and we schedule regular pickups for the waste so it doesn’t take up more space than necessary on your floor or on the lot.

Our experience with OCC and fiber purchasers allows for faster pickup times, reducing your waste stream and time until payment.

Contact us today for a free waste stream assessment at 630.693.0111 or online.

Types of Corrugated Cardboard we Recycle

There are many different grades of cardboard that we work to recycle and remove from landfills:

  • Single Face Board – This type of cardboard does not have the same durability as other types of corrugated cardboard. However, it is cheap to produce and provides an extra layer of protection to packaged products.
  • Single Wall Board – As the most commonly used style of corrugated cardboard, this material features five different styles of flutes, the inverted S-shaped arch
  • Double Wall Board – Resistant to breaking when stacked, this material is commonly used to create larger industrial containers.
  • Triple Wall Board – This material is strong enough to be a substitute for wooden crates.


At Combined Resources, Inc, we can help with all of your corrugated cardboard recycling needs. We are here to reduce the various grades of cardboard out of landfills.