Beyond Paper & Cardboard Recycling in Chicago: Adding Document Shredding to Your Routine

Here at CRI, as a leading provider of paper and cardboard recycling in Chicago, we partner with clients in a wide range of industries. From homeowners looking to minimize their overall carbon footprint to business owners looking to remain as environmentally friendly as possible, our metal, paper, and cardboard recycling in Chicago provide an ideal solution for an extensive range of needs and requirements.Beyond Paper & Cardboard Recycling

Document Shredding Makes Sense For Businesses And Homeowners Alike

While, it’s true, many home and business owners throughout the region utilize our paper and cardboard recycling services in Chicago, the team at CRI understands that there’s one critical service that often gets overlooked by our clients, at least initially: document shredding.

Some business owners assume that document shredding services are reserved for larger organizations, and these smaller companies believe that it’s in their best interest to manage their shredding needs internally.

Likewise, homeowners often assume that outsourcing their shredding needs isn’t necessary. They believe that it’s better to attempt to manage the influx of personal documents themselves at home.

The Benefits Of Professional Document Shredding & Cardboard Recycling In Chicago

Unfortunately, for many business executives and homeowners, they don’t realize just how invaluable having a professional provider manage their documents can be…until it’s too late. Should their business or household documents fall into the wrong hands, it can wreak havoc on their professional and personal lives. If you’re currently considering adding document shredding to your paper and cardboard recycling process, read on; knowing a few key benefits that outsourcing your paper shredding needs delivers can help make the decision-making process a simple one.

Working with a professional provider, such as CRI, to manage your shredding services can instantly deliver thorough paper management and optimal security. At CRI, we only offer highly-skilled and trained industry experts who understand how important it is for our clients’ business and household paperwork to be properly disposed of. No matter what the size and scope of your needs, we can create a personalized approach to document shredding as well as cardboard recycling to ensure you have a comprehensive strategy that best suits all of your needs and protects against fraud and identity theft throughout the process.

Additionally for business-owning clients, utilizing our document shredding services offers the benefit of legal protection as well. No matter what type of business you are running, you have a responsibility to your clients to keep their confidential information safeguarded at all times. CRI’s professional document shredding services can help you do just that; our team of industry experts can deliver that extra layer of confidence your clients need to know that their private information is in good hands.

Partnering with CRI for your document shredding needs also delivers ample environmental perks for companies and homeowners alike. At CRI we not only shred your papers, but we also recycle and repurpose them to ensure that they do not end up spending an eternity in a landfill. We proudly help our clients reduce their overall carbon footprint, minimize waste, and stay as eco-friendly as possible, both at home as well as in the workplace.

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