Commercial and Business Recycling Services

Commercial Recycling Services and the Solution that Works

Every company, from manufacturing to warehousing, produces waste materials. It’s inevitable, but sometimes we’re so wrapped up in running our business that we overlook ways to make it more efficient. The kinds of business recycling programs you choose can increase efficiency … as well as cost savings. Combined Resources has found the most effective method for doing just that. It’s a single-trailer solution, an all-in-one approach to business recycling.

Business Recycling

Why you should consider an all-in-one approach

We offer free bailing wire, gaylords and plastic totes to hold your recyclables and then use a single trailer to collect all of your scrap materials (of any grade) in one container. That means you don’t have to deal with individual vendors to carry off your plastic, cardboard, paper, and pallets, saving you time and money on services such as sorting, collection, and hauling. In our commercial recycling center, we use the State of Illinois-certified scales to ensure accurate weight-based variation when we sort and value each truckload of scrap material. In addition, we will also safely shred and destroy documents you no longer need.

Benefits of single-trailer recycling

Businesses – including manufacturers, distribution centers, logistics companies, and warehouses – experience multiple benefits from employing a one-stop solution for their business recycling, including:

Reduced hauling expenses
Lower collection costs
Saved floor and trailer dock space
Easier implementation
Efficient operation
Saved labor hours
Swift payment based on each material grade collected

Single-trailer solution: good for you … and the environment

Our single-trailer solution helps the environment, too. With a single collection point for commercial garbage removal, the volume of recyclables increases so more waste stays out of landfills. It also fights climate change by reducing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, saves energy and protects the habitats of wildlife.

Commercial Garbage Removal

What we can recycle for our business customers

Our trailers can carry a variety of scrap materials (paper, plastic, cardboard, and pallets) in a single load for high-volume producers:

Paper (print grade), a minimum of 20,000 pounds or at least 30 tons a month

Cardboard, a minimum of 100,000 pounds

Pallets, a minimum of 100

Choosing a customized solution for your business

We target our commercial and business recycling services toward high-volume companies that regularly produce tons of scrap materials each month. We assess your current recyclable production and then tailor a business recycling program based on your needs – a program that is efficient and effective in reducing the amount of waste you produce – and hours of operation. If you routinely produce a high volume of recyclables, we can adjust our turnover schedules to ensure you have a trailer on-site to remove your products. This can keep your facility or office safe and clean.

Want a customized business recycling program for your company?

Combined Resources Inc. has been the solution to companies’ recycling needs for more than 25 years, and we can be yours, too.

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