How To Set Up A Warehouse Recycling Strategy

How to Set up a Warehouse Recycling Strategy Combined Resources provides helpful tips on how to set up a warehouse recycling strategy.


Aluminum Recycling {Mini-Infographic Series}


Avoid A Data Security Breach By Utilizing Paper Shredding In Chicago

Unfortunately in our world today, identity theft and security breaches are becoming the norm in our society. Individuals have to be wary of who they give out their personal information to, and companies bear a major responsibility in protecting individuals’ sensitive information. Too often, however, companies do not have the proper systems or procedures in place to safely dispose of

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What Your Business Needs To Know About Chicago Metal Recycling

When you think about recycling waste products, scrap metal probably is not the first thing that comes to mind. You might not realize how important Chicago metal recycling is to your business, your community and to maintaining our environment. The Importance Of Chicago Metal Recycling Most people first associate recycling with paper and plastic products such as newspapers and water

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CRI: Helping Your Business Go Beyond Paper With Strategies For Cardboard Recycling in Chicago

  Go Beyond Paper: Developing Cardboard Recycling Strategies As a leading Chicago recycling center, the team at Combined Resources, Inc. partners with businesses of every size and scope, and in every industry, to create customized strategies and solutions. One of our most popular services: Our paper recycling initiatives. At Combined Resources, Inc. we can take the paper and documentation influx

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