Combined Resources: Innovative Industrial Recycling Solutions in Chicago

Combined Resources, a leading commercial recycling company in Chicago, understands the importance of shredding, recycling and waste services solutions for businesses in every industry. Here at Combined Resources, Inc., as a cutting-edge recycling company in Chicago, we understand that waste can be a major concern for businesses of every size and scope. That’s why our team of specialists offers innovative recycling and shredding solutions for businesses throughout the Chicago area. We proudly offer services that include:

Our innovative and efficient recycling solutions extend throughout the Chicagoland area to meet the needs of any client.

Recycling in Chicago: How CRI can help your Business Succeed

As a leading paper shredding company in Chicago, our primary focus is bettering your business. Combined Resources was created with one mission: to help our partners maximize profit. It’s no secret that waste happens…in every business. From shredded documents in a small office, to large volumes of plastic lying on a warehouse floor, every company produces waste in some shape or form.

Where you may see waste, the team at CRI sees lost profits. Let our recycling company in Chicago boost your profit margins and improve critical bottom line dollars by recycling your waste and generating revenue for it. The process is simple – Combined Resources does the work for you, and you get profit sending your waste to our recycling centers in Chicago. Best of all, everything is absolutely FREE!

Plastic and cardboard recycling in Chicago: The process of profit maximization

When you call our recycling company in Chicago, our audit process begins with offering a free assessment. We will work throughout your facility to:

  • Recommend various recycling/ waste streams
  • Evaluate waste quantities
  • Determine monthly volumes generated

After our assessment, Combined Resources will customize a recycling management solution specifically for your company. CRI provides you with recycling equipment the insight and creates a sustainability plan with your company’s green team. All this adds up to reducing expenses and increasing return. The only thing you have to do is start depositing your recyclables into containers provided by Combined Resources.

Go Green with Plastic Recycling in Chicago: Make Money $$$ while helping the Environment

Businesses in every industry don’t always make going green a top priority; this is especially true under tight economic conditions. When profits are low, business owners may look at other methods to reduce costs and increase overall profitability. They often ignore one of the easiest ways to generate more income: recycling efforts. Simply separating and recycling waste offers a comprehensive range of benefits, including:

  • Reducing your overall carbon footprint
  • Participating in green tree effect
  • Generating revenue $$$


A better Commercial Recycling Company in Chicago: What sets us apart from other document shredding services 

Our innovative style and expertise in recycling solutions comes together to help our partners turn waste into opportunity. What sets us apart?

  • Our strong team of industrial recycling experts
  • Network of established professional relationships
  • Unparalleled network of distribution channels
  • Proactive identification of material/resource demand

Discover the CRI difference, and experience a superior team of recycling professionals that will work to give your business the best we can offer.

A wide range of services to fit your needs: From plastic recycling to paper shredding services throughout the Chicagoland area

As one of the nation’s leading  commercial recycling companies, CRI understands that our clients need more than just paper shredding or aluminum recycling in Chicago. At Combined Resources, we offer recycling options for any and every company, resulting in an all-in-one recycling service to take care of all of your needs.

Maximize profits and eliminate waste with CRI

Partner with CRI today for all of your commercial recycling, paper and document shredding, cardboard and metal salvage needs. We will guide you through the go-green process and help you devise a strategy each year to reduce the carbon footprint and improve your sustainability plan from within your operation to maintain or improve your tactics for even more profit. Learn more about how we can help you maximize your profits and reduce waste; contact the Combined Resources team today at 630-916-1804.