Your Trash May Be Public Domain – Protect Your Business With Document Shredding

Your Trash May Be Public Domain: Protect Your Business With Document Shredding

Many entrepreneurs running businesses of every size and scope recognize that keeping both their business’ and their clients’ critical information safe is a top priority. However, entrepreneurs can oftentimes miss out on important ways to protect all data within their organization. All too often, these executives take the time to implement various technological systems to safeguard their online data and applications. Yet, they miss out on one key factor in data protection: document shredding.

Go Beyond Recycling With Document Shredding Services

Why do these business owners overlook the need for professional document shredding in their organization? Oftentimes, it’s simply because they believe they are already doing their part to keep their data protected. They dispose of their paper documentation by recycling them through their company’s town or city system, believing they are not only protecting themselves as well as their clients, but are also doing their part to protect the environment by minimizing their carbon footprint. Sounds great, right?

Not exactly.

While recycling your papers through your city or town does help reduce

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overall waste at your organization, it’s not enough to safeguard your sensitive data. Many business owners don’t realize that some states don’t actually have any laws that protect trash from others after it has been put outside of their building, potentially making their trash someone else’s treasure.

What does this mean for business owners? Two key points. First, documents put outside can instantly become fair game for anyone rifling through their trash after it’s placed on your curb. Thieves with any type of fraudulent intention can use your stolen documents to perpetrate any number of crimes and security breaches. From creating falsifying financial accounts, to simply using their treasure trove of data in your trash to steal your client list, not using professional document shredding can have major implications for your business.

Criminals are not the only ones that may rifle through your trash once it’s left outside of your building. According to a 1988 law passed by the U.S. Supreme Court, police officers have the right to search through any trash bins placed outside without a warrant. In short, once your papers and documents are placed outside, law enforcement may have the right to sort through it at any point and without any warning, putting both your business and your clients’ at risk for any type of legal repercussions.

Hire A Professional Firm For Document Shredding At Your Business

The best way to protect both your business and your clients is to partner with a professional firm that specializes in document shredding services. A well-established team of document shredding professionals will offer a comprehensive range of capabilities that they can customized based on your specific documentation removal needs. Outsourcing your paper waste removal means that you will continue to do your part to protect the environment as well as enjoy optimal peace of mind that you have done your part to safeguard your organization and your clients as well.

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