Using Plastic Recycling In Chicago At Your Business

Plastic Recycling In Chicago: Four Reasons To Say Yes To This Important Process

Do you feel like your company does its eco-friendly part by recycling all of your corporate paper and cardboard? While repurposing paper and paper products can play a major role in the “go-green” initiative of any business, it is not the only way you can do your part for the environment. You actually may be overlooking another major material that doesn’t have to spend eternity in a landfill: plastics. Plastics are virtually everywhere, in pretty much anything from food containers to children’s toys. And, when not managed properly, can pose a major threat to the environment. The best way to win the war against plastic at your organization is to utilize plastic recycling in Chicago.

Why Plastic Recycling In Chicago Makes Sense For Your Business


Do you need a good reason to say “yes” to plastic recycling in Chicago? How about four good reasons? Plastic recycling in Chicago makes sense because:

  1. Plastics Use Is Only Increasing

Plastic is everywhere. And the demand for this often environmentally unsound resource is only increasing. Putting a policy in place at your company for plastic recycling means your organization will meet the growing need to recycle disposable and unneeded plastics.

  1. Creating Plastics Uses Energy And Other Natural Resources

Many people do not realize that repurposing materials is not the only major environmental benefit of your organization’s plastic recycling plan. Creating new, virgin plastic requires a lot of energy and other natural resources throughout the manufacturing process; however recycling old plastic into new plastic requires fewer resources and less energy. Your recycling efforts won’t just conserve on plastic; you’ll also sustain other precious resources as well.

  1. You Will Save Space In Our Landfills

Plastic, when dumped in a landfill, does not breakdown on its own. Instead discarded plastics will take up space in a landfill forever. Implementing a process for plastic recycling in Chicago means you and your employees have effectively found an alternative destiny for the disposable and unneeded plastics in your workspace, ultimately creating less waste in our city’s landfills.

  1. Plastic Recycling Is Pretty Easy

Not only can you do your part to keep the environment as green as possible, but you can achieve eco-friendly status without exerting too much effort. The best and most effortless way to move forth with your initiative is to partner with a professional recycling organization. A qualified vendor will do more than simply provide bins for your and your employees; a recycling innovator will create a customized plan based on your specific corporate needs to maximize participation and overall results.

Combined Resources Inc.: The Leading Service For Plastic Recycling

If you’re not sure how to get started on your initiative for plastic recycling in Chicago, the team of recycling specialists at Combined Resources Inc. can help. We team with our professional partners to create a personalized recycling approach for plastic resources. From shrink-wrap and water bottles to industrial components and PVC products, CRI can get your business ready to do its part for the environment, without detracting from your overall productivity. Do you want to hear more about our services and solutions? Contact the CRI team today.



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