Industrial Metal Recycling: Turn Scraps into Profit

Improve Your Bottom Line with a Metal Recycling Program

For businesses in the manufacturing industry, scrap metal is often an inevitable byproduct. The challenge comes with trying to get rid of it. Some metals, like aluminum and copper, have a higher value and can be easily sold and recycled. Others, like steel, are typically only bought by the ton, and the price is so meager that many businesses find they spend more in resources to get the steel to a scrap yard than they actually end up making.

If your business produces a variety of scrap metal and it’s piling up, find out how Combined Resources’ Chicago metal recycling services can improve your bottom line.

You Need an Experienced Middle Man

Chicago Metal Recycling

In a lot of scenarios, a middleman is seen as a bad thing, another expense you’d rather not pay. But when it comes to Chicago metal recycling, a middleman can be an invaluable resource to help you move scrap metal and maximize profits. Instead of personally dealing with 20 different buyers and Chicago scrap yards, haggling over price, and getting your scraps to them, CRI negotiates everything on your behalf. We have an extensive network of buyers for aluminum, steel, and all types of metal, and as a trusted supplier we have no problems moving our clients’ scrap metal.

Your Scraps Get Picked Up on a Regular Schedule

Hauling tons of scrap metal to a scrapyard is a labor-intensive job. Let Combined Resources, Inc. do it for you. When we establish a Chicago metal recycling system at your plant, we will provide dedicated bins for the types of metal you generate. All you have to do is train employees to put the right metal in the right bin, and we do the rest. Our commercial recycling services let you focus on your business instead of worrying about your waste.

Whether you create enough scrap metal to warrant a weekly or monthly pickup, we will establish a schedule and be there when you need us. Eliminating scrap metal from piling up throughout your facility means you can use that space more efficiently, and you ultimately save time and money not having to pay your employees to haul the metal away.

You Get One Check

Instead of keeping track of multiple buyers who pay in cash or check, on the spot or net-30, you get one check from CRI at the end of each month. Your check will come with a detailed summary of how much metal was sold and for what price, minus the cost of your Chicago metal recycling services.

It’s important to keep in mind that the price of scrap metal fluctuates based on supply and demand. For example, during times of high iron ore supply, the demand and price of steel bottoms out, because it’s easier to use iron ore to make new steel versus recycling scrap steel. Like many other commodities, the scrap metal industry tends to be cyclical when it comes to pricing.

If you’re frustrated trying to recycle and move your plant’s scrap metal, Contact Combined Resources, Inc. today for a free recycling audit or call 630-693-0111 to learn more about our Chicago metal recycling programs.

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