Turn Cans Into Cash by Recycling Scrap Metal in Chicago

Turn Cans Into Cash By Recycling Scrap Metal In Chicago

Recycling Scrap Metal in Chicago

As a business owner, trash disposal is an operating cost that you can reduce by recycling. The cans of soft drinks, juice, and tea that your employees drink on breaks and lunches can translate to revenue when you send your scrap metal to Chicago waste recycler Combined Resources, Inc. In addition to lessening disposal costs, having a corporate can recycling program will keep usable material out of landfills and allow it to be reused in new manufacturing. Old aluminum cans are used to produce new containers, window frames, and gutters, while steel scraps might be used for making new cans, steel beams, bicycles, and other products.


Why Corporate Can Recycling?


There are many good reasons to initiate a corporate recycling program, which starts with turning waste into cash. Some companies get their employees involved in researching and setting up a recycling program for not only cans, but also newspaper, office paper, plastic, and packaging materials. The proceeds from recycling might be put into a worker committee fund that handles picnics, company parties, and employee rewards. This is the type of program that employees are often happy to support.


In some cities where recycling is mandated by law, having can disposal on-site is convenient for employees who might otherwise carry home their cans in an effort to support the recycling effort. When a deposit applies, people would be donating their deposit in addition to the scrap metal; the rewards paid back to the company would include both the value of the metal plus part of the deposits, which could increase the employee picnic fund.


Reusing Scrap Metal In Chicago And Beyond


Of course, if you are a manufacturer who uses metals in your product or process, your purchasing department might initiate an effort to sell scrap metal in Chicago and arrange for the recycling of usable waste from production processes. The revenue your company receives from this effort can offset raw material costs and reduce what you pay for dumpster rental each month.


Economic incentives aside, thinking of ways to renew and reuse resources is important in our world today. Most companies attempt to educate their workers to conserve energy and materials to trim production and service delivery costs and bolster their bottom line; encouraging everyone to work together to make a contribution that will help society is a logical next step. An environmentally responsible focus will increase your company’s credibility as a firm that thinks responsibly and “green.”


CRI Wants To Do Business With You


If you are interested in learning more about how your company can put waste to good use, Combined Resources can enlighten you about how to set up company recycling efforts for the newspaper, plastic, and scrap metal in Chicago and beyond.

Founded in Chicago in 1986, we have additional facilities in Nashville, TN and San Antonio, TX to handle recycling services for North America and five other continents.

We manage over 70 grades of recyclable material and are equipped to discuss environmentally sound uses for whatever waste your company generates.

For information contact us at 630-693-0111 today.


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