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Considering Paper Shredding In Chicago? Let CRI Break Down Popular Myths About This Process

Popular Paper Shredding Myths Busted Here at Combined Resources, Inc. we understand that our clients make safeguarding their customers’ critical information a top priority. Like most business owners, they protect client identities and sensitive information in a myriad of ways. They install state-of-the-art security systems to help them monitor their brick and mortar presence. They work with information technology specialists

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CRI Goes Beyond Shredding Services In Chicago

For many business owners in the Chicago region, utilizing professional shredding services is a must. At Combined Resources, Inc., we work with entrepreneurs managing businesses of virtually every size to provide practical shredding services in Chicago and throughout the region.   Our primary goal? To help organizations in every industry utilize our capabilities to successfully eliminate unneeded documentation. From weekly

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Find Secure Shredding Services In Chicago At CRI

It’s one of a Chicago company’s biggest concerns: what to do with sensitive, printed data once it’s no longer needed. Some businesses decide to buy a shredder and shred the materials themselves. Others either generate too much material to do this work themselves or want a more secure solution. Still others are required by government regulations to take specific shredding

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