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3 Things Your Company Should Know About Chicago Paper Recycling

Commercial recycling can be very inconvenient, which is a big obstacle for many companies. Recycling in your personal life is fairly simple. You have a blue bin dedicated to recyclables and you put the bin out on your driveway once a week to be collected. In Chicago paper recycling at your workplace can be much more complex, however it does

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Recycling Is Easy When You Partner With A Recycling Center In Chicago

The majority of companies in America partner with a recycling center. Early on in the recycling movement, the emphasis was on dividing the materials and collecting only paper. Today, recycling centers in Chicago collect much more.   While it’s great for the environment that people make the effort to recycle, the logistics can be off-putting. Companies think of recycling management

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How To Start A Program On Paper Recycling In Chicago Businesses

How to Start a Paper Recycling Program Paper is one of the most commonly recycled items in municipal waste streams. It’s used everywhere from newspapers, books, and magazines to food boxes and shipping containers. It’s because of this widespread use that paper recycling in Chicago offers the most opportunity for participation. If your business isn’t recycling paper, we’ve got some

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CRI: Helping Your Business Go Beyond Paper With Strategies For Cardboard Recycling in Chicago

Go Beyond Paper: Developing Cardboard Recycling Strategies As a leading Chicago recycling center, the team at Combined Resources, Inc. partners with businesses of every size and scope, and in every industry, to create customized strategies and solutions. One of our most popular services: Our paper recycling initiatives. At Combined Resources, Inc. we can take the paper and documentation influx of

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How Document Shredding In Chicago Can Improve Your Business

How Document Shredding Can Improve Your Business Are you currently looking for ways to increase your operational efficiencies and reduce your overall carbon footprint? Combined Resources, Inc. a leading provider of waste recycling throughout the Chicago area can help. We often team with businesses of every size and scope for a professional consultation on how to improve their waste management

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Looking To Go-Green With Your Business? Start With Paper Recycling In Chicago

Here at Combined Resources, Inc., we often partner with business owners who are looking to enhance their go-green operational efforts and minimize their overall global footprint. For our clients, keeping a steady focus on the health of the environment is a top priority. They come to CRI looking for a personalized approach to help their Chicago businesses streamline their recycling

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