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3 Things Your Company Should Know About Chicago Paper Recycling

Commercial recycling can be very inconvenient, which is a big obstacle for many companies. Recycling in your personal life is fairly simple. You have a blue bin dedicated to recyclables and you put the bin out on your driveway once a week to be collected. In Chicago paper recycling at your workplace can be much more complex, however it does

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CRI: How Our Recycling Center In Chicago Makes Going Green Part Of Your Corporate Culture

How to Make Going Green Part of Your Company Culture As a business owner, you already know how important it is to stay environmentally conscious throughout your operations. Whatever the size and scope of your organization, going green can help you minimize your overall carbon footprint as well as streamline your operations for optimal proficiency. From paper shredding, to managing

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Breaking It Down: What You Need To Know About Paper Recycling In Chicago

If you run a business, chances are, you’ve already embraced the importance of recycling on some level. For business owners in every industry and with organizations of every size and scope, implementing a corporate recycling strategy plays a key role in the impact a company makes in the environment on a global scale. By repurposing various items, executives have the

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CRI: Delivering Customized Solutions For Plastic Recycling In Chicago

Combined Resources Inc. consults with customers in the Chicago region on a comprehensive assortment of recycling needs. From paper to scrap metal and a wide range of everything in between, our industry experts help our partners minimize waste and maximize profits at their professional operations. From large industrial manufacturers, to startup service providers, Combined Resources can help create personalized recycling

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