Recycling Is Easy When You Partner With A Recycling Center In Chicago

recycling center Chicago  The majority of companies in America partner with a recycling center. Early on in the recycling movement, the emphasis was on dividing the materials and collecting only paper. Today, recycling centers in Chicago collect much more.


While it’s great for the environment that people make the effort to recycle, the logistics can be off-putting. Companies think of recycling management as another utility cost that they could potentially do without. However, the amount of waste generated by one corporation can actually be reduced by including a recycling program. When a company recycles through a center, they may actually benefit financially.


Make Recycling Part Of Your Corporate Culture With Help From A Recycling Center In Chicago


Keep in mind that there are places that will work with you to collect and dispose of your recycling. Recycling centers exist all over, and there is likely one nearby your neighborhood. These are great places to check out.


Advantages of a recycling center:


  1. Recycling centers take more than just paper. Just about everyone knows to separate out paper or corrugated cardboard. However, there are even more materials that may be recycled. Metal, plastic, fluids, or electronics are all items that recycling centers will take.


  1. There is no waiting. At any time, your overflow can be picked up and removed from the premises. Some centers allow you to make arrangements for multiple pick-ups in a day.


  1. You may benefit financially. Some centers provide a small return on your deposit. There are opportunities to earn cash, gift cards, coupons or credits for some of your recycling materials. Materials such as aluminum or copper and items such as cell phones or computers will often bring cash back. The amount of return won’t add weight to your gross margin, but it may offset a few of the expenses that businesses incur for other, minor costs.


  1. They are well equipped to handle the volume. Many recycling centers have industrial machinery that sort and group the recyclables. No additional labor needs to be added to the roster. These facilities sometimes do the job of crushing, melting, or shredding so that they can recycle even more. You don’t have to worry about limits on your deposits.


  1. Help is just a phone call away. You may be recycling more than the average, and they can help guide you through developing a system to handle your recycling needs.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint And Move Towards Zero Waste With Help From A Recycling Center In Chicago


Stories exist of companies that have eliminated all paper and experience zero waste. However, the majority of businesses still need to keep papers. Having access to a recycling center can help those companies manage what can easily become a mountain of waste. With enough effort and support, your company could expand on your recycling efforts to reduce the company’s carbon footprint to a speck. Relying on a recycling center could make this goal into a reality.


To learn more about ways a recycling center could improve your recycling efforts, contact Combined Resources, Inc. at 855-782-8490.

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