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How CRI Is Different From Other Recycling Companies in Chicago

In the world of recycling, consumers don’t usually get much choice. It’s typically a matter of being told by your waste hauler what will and will not be accepted in the recycling bin and then it’s up to you to make sure it gets there. The problem is, this doesn’t work for all businesses. At Combined Resources, Inc. we are different than most recycling centers in Chicago and we take a different approach, one that is focused on your business, the waste you generate, and how it affects your bottom line.

Rather than force you to fit into a pre-set recycling system, we work with you to develop a system that works for and benefits your specific business, whether it’s an office or a manufacturing facility. Your waste can actually turn a profit.

You See Waste, We See Opportunity

Every business generates waste. But what if that waste could turn into profits? With CRI helping you, it’s possible. We don’t just take the waste offsite,recycling centers Chicago like a typical hauler. Our focus is on bettering your business and helping you maximize profits. How? By recycling that waste and generating revenue for it! If something can be recycled, it has value to someone. It’s our job to find that someone. We match our clients up with waste recycling companies in Chicago who will pay you for your waste.

Our approach is always to aim for a zero-percent landfill. That means, every customized recycling plan that we create is approached with the expectation that it will not only keep recyclables from going to the landfill, it will also reduce the overall amount of waste that you send to the landfill. So, hopefully there will come a time when none of your waste makes it into the landfill! That’s what we mean when we say “Zero-Percent Landfill”. It means zero percent of your waste makes it to the landfill, because we find other uses for it.

See What A Difference A Comprehensive Recycling Program Can Make

To see how recycling can affect your bottom line, use our online Recycling Calculator right now. This handy tool will convert your waste into dollars so you can see how much you’d save with a customized recycling program from CRI.

Plastics Recycling In Chicago

Plastics recycling is a hot topic now that Chicago has banned most retailers from offering single-use plastic bags to their customers. Plastics recycling is vitally important because it’s a man-made substance that the Earth cannot break down. According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, the U.S. throws out almost 88,000 tons of plastic every day. That plastic doesn’t just end up in the landfill where it sits and never decomposes. It’s often found stuck in trees, floating around the city, and has even found its way to our waterways and oceans where it presents a significant problem for sea life.

Without making the most of recycling centers, Chicago business are contributing to the problem. And there’s absolutely no reason for it. Plastic is an incredibly useful product, that’s why we have so much of it in the first place. But, what we often don’t realize is that it’s exceptionally recyclable. There’s no real reason why any plastic has to end up in the landfill or elsewhere. It can be recycled and turned into new products very easily. The problem is, typical waste management solutions can’t do this. They can only accept certain plastics or certain sizes. That leaves plenty of businesses with no option, but to toss it out.

Not at CRI. CRI develops custom recycling strategies and solutions that will take care of your specific plastics recycling dilemma.

Not All Recycling Centers In Chicago Are The Same. Experience The Difference At CRI

CRI is different. Request a free audit to find out how much waste you can divert from the landfill and how much profit you’ll get back from doing so. Contact the Combined Resources team today at 630-916-1804 to arrange a meeting!

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