Why Professional Document Destruction In Chicago Is A Must

shredding services chicagoWhat do you think of when you consider document destruction? Perhaps you envision a man in a suit meticulously feeding one sheet of paper at a time into a paper shredder. While this may be the case in some offices, many businesses are going to a more advanced, more efficient solution for document destruction in Chicago. Paper recycling companies like Combined Resources offer professional document destruction in Chicago. In this review, we will discuss why professional paper shredding is a must for any organization.


#1 – Professional document destruction protects your company.

Companies that do not properly dispose of paper are putting themselves at a huge risk. Typically, documents that you are getting rid of have information on them that you would want to remain secure and confidential. The benefit of professional document destruction in Chicago is that it enables you to protect your company from information leaking. Do not take the chance of someone getting their hands on sensitive company information.


#2 – Professional document destruction protects your clients.

Not only do the papers you are disposing of contain sensitive information about your company, but they probably also contain private information about your clients. For example, you might have your clients’ names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, or account information indicated on documents. Your clients will appreciate the security and discretion provided by professional document destruction in Chicago.


#3 – Professional document destruction will save your company time and money.

Now that we have established that documents should be shredded for the protection of both you and your clients, let us look at the benefit of professional document shredding services over doing it yourself. Once again, let’s envision the man in the suit feeding one paper into the shredder at a time. When you think about how much time it would take one of your employees to shred your documents, you begin to realize the value of professional document destruction in Chicago. Not to mention, if you are paying that employee hourly, shredding documents yourselves is probably more expensive than professional document shredding.


#4 – Professional document destruction reduces your carbon footprint.

Another reason professional document destruction is a must is because it reduces your company’s carbon footprint. It is every company’s responsibility to be mindful of how we are impacting the environment. Most professional paper shredding companies recycle the paper once it is shredded, making your company more environmentally responsible.


#5 – Professional document destruction can be customized to your company’s unique needs.

As a small, hands-on business, Combined Resources specializes in customizing our services to each of our client’s specific needs. We will arrange a pick-up time and schedule that will work best for your company, even if that means evening or weekend pick-ups. Additionally, we offer financing options so that money does not stand in the way of your company benefiting from convenient document destruction in Chicago.


If you are interested in recycling or document destruction in Chicago, contact Combined Resources today for more information.

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