Paper Shredding in Chicago Can Save You More than Time

Around the office, the mail is constant. These communications pile up unless you stay on top of them. Even though more and more documents have become electronic, plenty of paper still floats around. It’s a random paper that can become a security risk to your business. Much of the mail that remains in the Inbox is Junk Mail, advertisements, or catalogs that try to persuade you to work with their businesses. The problem with junk mail is that it contains information about your company that you may not want in someone else’s hands.


The volume of Junk Mail received to the average mailbox is 41 pounds a year. What happens to all of that when it gets tossed into the garbage can? Despite the ecological impact of paper waste, each of those pages endangers your company. The best way to handle such a security risk and also help the environment is to add a step to your mail process: shredding.



Paper Shredding At Chicago Businesses Protects Against Fraud


Here are the types of documents that come through your mailroom that should take a trip through a shredder:


  1. Inside these catalogs is usually a form that links your company and address to an account number. Designed to make ordering simple – all you need to do is provide the number and all your data is instantly retrieved. But these account numbers also make your company vulnerable. Fraudulent purchases are easy to make by presenting this account number. Sometimes, the catalogs have forms that are prefilled. This could make it easy for someone to finish the form, simply changing the address, and steal from your business. Whenever these are received, they should be shredded.
  1. Direct mail advertising coupons. Many advertisers will send coupon postcards addressed to your employees. One side will be the personalized address, and the other side will be their offer. However, included somewhere is a barcode. Anything with a barcode should be shredded! If your employees use this coupon, the advertisers receive information about their spending habits through this barcode – they know who they are, where they work, what was bought, and where it was bought. These barcodes look harmless, but they are powerful ways to link your business to a database that collects numerous statistics. This database creates vulnerability; access to this information could undermine the integrity of your employees.


  1. Account statements, bills, and invoices. Account statements or invoices from vendors typically can be emailed. However, many organizations continue to send a paper copy via mail. These mailed statements or bills are discarded as duplicates, but they contain volumes of information. In the wrong hands, this information could make your company responsible for charges that are a fraud.


Paper Shredding In Chicago Protects Your Business


The cost of paper shredding in Chicago is much less than the cost of damage control from fraud. With the variety of shredders and the ease of shredding services, your company can stay on top of the mail before it becomes a problem. Quality shredders handle large volumes of material quickly to make this additional step faster. If adding a step each time is too much, the shredding services collect the items to shred and bring the whole pile to their facility. Either way, the end result is safety – and a goodwill gesture to the environment.


To learn more about paper management and paper shredding in Chicago, contact Combined Resources, Inc. at 630-693-0111. Learn more about our paper shredding services.

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