How To Minimize Your Carbon Footprint By Using Recycling Companies In Chicago

metal recycling chicagoCombined Resources, Inc. is one of the leading recycling companies in Chicago, and we have recycling solutions for your business! No matter what your business’ waste needs are, our team can create personalized waste strategy solutions that fit your needs. A tip to help your business minimize its carbon footprint is to follow the well-known motto of the environmental movement: “reduce, reuse, recycle.”

Dispose Of Your Sensitive Work Documents Both Legally And Environmentally

Fortunately for our environment, recycling has become very popular in recent years. Everyone is concerned with the size of their carbon footprint, and is eager to learn tips to help them reduce their negative environmental impact. However, “going green” in your personal life is very different than “going green” in your business. At home you worry about the amount of electricity you are using and you make sure to throw your plastic bottles in the appropriate blue bin; but being environmentally conscious at your workplace is more complex. You have documents upon documents that often contain sensitive information that cannot be easily tossed in the recycling bin. You need a solution that helps you dispose of documentation legally and in an environmentally conscious way, as well as in a way that makes sense for the amount of waste you create.

Reducing, Reusing, And Recycling In The Workplace

Reduce. We live in an almost completely digitized society, which uses the Internet, email, and digital storage more than ever before. However, there is still a surprising amount of paper printed, especially in business settings. Encourage your office to reduce the amount of paper waste you produce by maximizing your use of electronics. Emailing reports prior to meetings, and allowing your team to bring tablets or other devices in to meetings, avoids the need to print more paper, but still allows everyone to access the information they need. Investing in a software system that allows you to keep digital records rather than paper files reduces the amount of paper you’ll need to discard or recycle. If you are transitioning from a paper system to a digital system, recycling companies in Chicago, like Combined Resources, Inc. can help you plan for proper shredding and recycling of your paper.

Reuse. When something breaks, the easiest solution is to simply replace it with a brand new version. However, this is not the most environmentally sound approach. Take the time to see if something can be fixed and reused, especially if it is an electronic device. Encourage your team to be resourceful and train them to recognize the value in reusing devices or items. Maybe even encourage your staff to bring in tumblers or thermoses, instead of just reaching for a plastic water bottle each time they need a drink.

Recycle. There are so many options and opportunities for recycling that there is really no excuse not to! There are many recycling companies in Chicago that can help create a waste management plan for both bigger business items, like printers and computers, as well as small items, such as plastic bottles and containers. Do you have recycling containers conveniently placed around the office for your employees to use? Do you have a container system in place for recycling waste toners and ink cartridges? Combined Resources, Inc. has a variety of services to help you with every kind of recycling: metal, paper, plastic, and even e-waste.

If you are interested in reducing the carbon footprint of your business, contact Combined Resources, Inc., one of the leading recycling companies in Chicago, and start working on a strategy that makes sense for you!

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