Get On Track With Sustainability: Use A Qualified Recycling Company In Chicago

Get On Track With Sustainability: Use A Qualified Recycling Company In Chicago

Going it alone with your business sustainability plans can quickly prove an uphill battle. Sure, you and your team may understand the basics of recycling, a.k.a. putting cans, paper, and cardboard in their appointed company bins; however, in order to truly maximize your efforts, while minimizing your carbon footprint, you should consider teaming with a professional recycling company in Chicago.

A Professional Recycling Company In Chicago Will Offer Tips For Going Green

Unsure what type of benefits a recycling company in Chicago can offer your organization? A well-established and reputable firm will offer extensive tips that go beyond simply sorting your internal waste. Additionally, an innovative team will work through your organization as a whole to customize a final solution based on your specific needs and corporate requirements. As part of your finalized business solution, a recycling company in Chicago may suggest various tips, such as:

Purchasing Process: You may be surprised to find how easy it is to enhance your go-green efforts starting with your ordering procedures. When was the last time you worked through your list of vendors to see what type of products they provide. Are you continuously buying new items and throwing them out? Are there options for switching to vendors that offer recycled items instead? Go through your ordering process to determine how much perishable items, as well as non-recyclable items you purchase in any given month.

Bathroom Setup: What is one key way to minimize the waste in your bathrooms? Install air dryers in each employee restroom and eliminate paper dispensers.

Cafeteria: It’s no secret that corporate cafeterias can be a hotbed for waste and unsustainable recycling company chicagoitems. Disposable serving items and (gasp!) even Styrofoam coffee cups often lurk in cafeteria cabinets just begging to be used once and then tossed forever into a landfill. If you have a dishwasher, eliminate disposable items and use utensils, cups, and plates that can be washed. Also, consider composting food scraps for an extra sustainability push.

Cleaning Supplies: Even if you have an outsourced cleaning organization come in to tidy up, you probably still have various cleaning supplies throughout your facility. Look for products that come in recyclable bottles. Also, always try to use concentrated solutions that will last longer.

Coping Procedures: Are you looking to minimize paper waste even further than simply recycling? Use the double-sided feature on your copy machine whenever possible. Also, don’t spin wheels printing off memos and placing them inside each employee mailbox, chances are, no one is reading them anyway. Instead, use email distribution to get important memos to your staffers. Additionally, washable mop heads offer greater longevity when compared to disposable sponge mops.

Designate Space In The Supply Closet: Finally, give your employees ample opportunity to reuse office supplies. Far too often, when a project has concluded, or an employee has left the firm, all associated files, binders, and other supplies get unceremoniously dumped. Set aside a designated spot for gently used supplies that other staffers can sort through as needed.

Are you looking for a professional recycling company in Chicago to help with your sustainability efforts? Combined Resources, Inc. specializes in customized recycling and shredding solutions. Contact our team today for your no risk evaluation.


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