CRI: How Our Recycling Center In Chicago Makes Going Green Part Of Your Corporate Culture

CRI: How Our Recycling Center In Chicago Makes Going Green Part Of Your Corporate Culture

How to Make Going Green Part of Your Company Culture

As a business owner, you already know how important it is to stay environmentally conscious throughout your operations. Whatever the size and scope of your organization, going green can help you minimize your overall carbon footprint as well as streamline your operations for optimal proficiency. From paper shredding, to managing large quantities of scrap metals, there are a myriad of ways that your organization can leverage the significant benefits and advantages offered by recycling.


Common Reasons Why Some Business Owners Feel Reluctant To Embrace Recycling


Despite the many perks offered by recycling and other go-green initiatives, many business owners find themselves reluctant to truly embrace these environmentally friendly processes. Their reasons may vary based on their specific corporate operations; however, many entrepreneurs are hesitant about recycling for three very specific reasons:


Afraid of inconvenience: Perhaps the most popular reason organizations don’t recycle is concern over inconvenience. Busy entrepreneurs believe that, with everything going on internally, they simply don’t have the bandwidth necessary to adequately and efficiently manage the waste in their company.


Not enough space to store waste: Beyond inconvenience, many businesses, particularly smaller companies, feel that they don’t have the space needed to store their recyclable items for proper disposal.


Overwhelmed with the details: Finally, many entrepreneurs simply find themselves overwhelmed with the entire recycling process. Even with the best environmentally conscious intentions, they find themselves completely confused when trying to setup their own internal process for repurposing their waste. After several valiant attempts, they find themselves frustrated and ready to give up.


Combined Resources, Inc.: Leading Recycling Center In Chicago Offers Customized Solutions


If you’re currently considering ways to make your organization as green as possible, Combined Resources, Inc. can help. As a leading recycling center in Chicago, CRI proudly partners with all clients to help them not only feel comfortable about their go-green efforts, but also implement them throughout the company. When working with our recycling center in Chicago, we can go through each of the reasons you feel reluctant to go green, and help design a customized waste management strategy that you feel comfortable implementing within your facility.


The first issue our team will address is convenience. At CRI, customer convenience is our top priority. We consult with your organization to pinpoint exactly what will work for our pickup schedules so you can continue business as usual. We even offer emergency pickups so you never have to worry about waste bringing your operations to a halt.


Additionally, when working with us, we can also help you manage the amount of storage space you’ll need for waste. We provide the right bins and receptacles based on your needs so you won’t have to designate other internal areas to collect your trash. Beyond created customized waste management solutions, we also monitor how efficient the pickup schedule is so we can adjust and modify as needed, to keep your facility as waste free as possible at all times.


When working with CRI’s recycling, we effectively take all of the guesswork out of the entire process. Not only do we effectively manage the process from start to finish, but we can also train your internal staff so they feel completely comfortable with your newly implemented solution. For more information about our leading recycling center in Chicago, contact CRI today!

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