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Make Recycling Services In Chicago Part Of Your Business Team With CRI

Are you missing out on revenue by working with the wrong waste hauler? As news reports scream headlines that waste haulers and recycling services in Chicago are losing money hand over fist, we can’t help but wonder if the customers of those haulers are losing money too.

We wouldn’t know, because Combined Resources, Inc. (CRI) is growing and stronger than ever and our customers are reaping the rewards of that growth.

Increase Your Revenue And Reduce Your Waste Output

At CRI we believe that improving your profit margins and decreasing the amount of waste you send to the landfill can go hand-in-hand. Our customers are proof that this philosophy works, having increased their recycling rates and expanded their waste management options without adding new costs.

How do we do it? By scrapping everything you think you know about recycling services in Chicago and looking at waste from a whole new perspective. Where others see trash, we see potential. Over the last 50 years we have developed internal and external resources and a vast network of partners who feel the same way as we do about waste; there’s potential in it.

Our Partnership Approach Benefits You

We attribute our success to our partnership approach. When you succeed, we succeed. We never come in and ask you to tell us what needs to be recycled or simply pick up where your former waste hauler left off. We come in and look at everything with fresh eyes; all of your operations, to see what is being recycled or diverted from landfills and where we can make changes that pay off.

And pay off they do. Everything we do is customized to the individual customer needs, delivering an optimal return on investment. Waste that can berecycling services Chicago recycled, reused, or repurposed through our network directly saves our customers money by reducing the amount of trash they are sending to the landfill. Since every waste pick-up costs you money, reducing the amount of waste you need to have picked up is a direct cost savings. If you can cut your waste pick-ups down from three times a week to once a week or reduce the number of dumpsters you have, how much money could you save annually?

There’s also no middleman to pay. CRI owns and operates our own fleet of vehicles. This allows us to offer flexible pick-up dates and times that work best for you, whether that is day, night, or even weekend pick-ups.

Perhaps more than anything, we are absolutely devoted to the concept of a Zero Waste Landfill. To that end, we try our best to find ways to divert any and all waste coming out of your facility away from the landfill. Solutions may involve recycling, composting, reuse, and, most likely, some combination of the above. Whatever, the solution you can rest assured it will be designed to maximize your success and minimize your costs.

Discover CRI’s Recycling Services In Chicago For A New Way Of Doing Business

Contact CRI for a free waste audit to identify areas that can be enhanced by our recycling services in Chicago. We can help you minimize your carbon footprint, reduce your environmental impact, stretch every budget dollar further, and improve your profit margins.

Learn more about our services at or by calling 855-782-849.

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