CRI: Helping Your Business Go Beyond Paper With Strategies For Cardboard Recycling in Chicago

CRI: Helping Your Business Go Beyond Paper With Strategies For Cardboard Recycling in Chicago

Go Beyond Paper: Developing Cardboard Recycling Strategies

As a leading Chicago recycling center, the team at Combined Resources, Inc. partners with businesses of every size and scope, and in every industry, to create customized strategies and solutions. One of our most popular services: Our paper recycling initiatives. At Combined Resources, Inc. we can take the paper and documentation influx of any sized organization and implement a removal process that protects private information and yields results.


Paper Recycling In Chicago Yields An Extensive Range of Corporate Benefits


While our clients are never surprised by our paper management strategies, many of them don’t realize that we also include cardboard recycling in Chicago as part of our comprehensive range of service options. Here at CRI, we know that recycling cardboard can prove a vital component in any of our waste management solutions. Including our strategies for cardboard recycling in Chicago can yield an extensive range of corporate benefits for any organization, such as:


Minimizing waste: Businesses in every industry may not even realize the flood of cardboard waste they have onsite at their facility. From shipping and receiving packages right down to the individual food orders of employees, you probably have a mountain of heavy paper waste onsite. Working with CRI to help manage these materials can instantly minimize the waste produced at your organization.


Saving trees: Cardboard, much like its paper brethren, is made out of wood pulp. By incorporating a solution for cardboard recycling in Chicago, you are saving trees needed to make new boxes and minimize your overall carbon footprint.


Conserving water and energy: Minimizing the need for trees to be cut down isn’t the only way your company will be doing its part for the environment. Creating a new cardboard box also requires a litany of steps that tap into various natural resources, such as water and energy. Yes, repurposing the items collected from your implementing cardboard recycling process will also use natural resources; however, the overall impact is less than creating an entirely new box while the old one spends eternity in a landfill.


Business differentiator: Most importantly, recycling is not only good for the environment, it can also prove a relevant business differentiator. When working with us for a customized solution for cardboard recycling in Chicago, you’ll be able to let your clients know that you are a company dedicated to doing what’s right for the environment.


Combined Resources, Inc.: Helping Educate Your Team For Optimal Recycling Success


When partnering with CRI, we will work closely with your team to ensure every employee is well educated in the newly implemented process. Our team of experts can help your staff identify the different types of cardboard for optimal repurposing. Additionally, the waste management team at CRI can also educate your team on how to handle cardboard waste to ensure all pieces eligible for recycling make it to the easy-to-find, designated bins.


Contact us today to hear more about our customized strategies for cardboard recycling in Chicago.

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