CRI Goes Beyond Shredding Services In Chicago

shredding services ChicagoFor many business owners in the Chicago region, utilizing professional shredding services is a must. At Combined Resources, Inc., we work with entrepreneurs managing businesses of virtually every size to provide practical shredding services in Chicago and throughout the region.


Our primary goal? To help organizations in every industry utilize our capabilities to successfully eliminate unneeded documentation. From weekly pickups to emergency appointments, our team of recycling professionals can keep your outdated paperwork from getting into the wrong hands, protect the privacy of both clients and employees, minimize the need for storage in your facility, and help your organization comply with both environmental and government mandates. Most importantly, working with us to supply innovative shredding services in Chicago can prove a major qualifying differentiator with your clients; your customers will rest easy knowing that all of their critical and confidential information is eliminated safely and securely throughout their professional relationship with your organization.


Combined Resources Goes Beyond Top Quality Shredding Services In Chicago


Of course, at CRI, we understand that it’s important to offer more than first-rate shredding services in Chicago to our clients. While efficiently eliminating documentation is crucial, the team at Combined Resources, Inc. knows firsthand that it’s only one key component of an efficient recycling solution. While many other providers in the region only offer shredding services in Chicago, CRI proudly offers a comprehensive portfolio of service capabilities and offerings to ensure that we stay firmly established as our clients “one stop solution.”


Service Differentiators That Make CRI Stand Out


In addition to our shredding services in Chicago, Combined Resources Inc. provides capabilities for recycling an all-encompassing selection of products and materials found throughout the workplace. Our full service recycling operation can effectively manage over 70 different items in all. From paper and cardboard to plastics and even scrap metal, our comprehensive solutions can help you maximize your go-green efforts to minimize your carbon footprint, streamline your operations, and reduce overall discarded materials (wasted potential revenue) throughout your organization.


Beyond an unparalleled litany of recycling options, Combined Resources, Inc. also offers several key differentiators that help us stand head and shoulders above our competition. CRI has a long and well-established operational history in the recycling industry. For over 25 years, we have worked hard to earn the trust and respect of our clients. We use the invaluable experience we’ve gained over the years (as well as our zero-debt status) to give our customers the insight and suggestions they need to put together the most efficient recycling plan possible.


What’s a main component of all of our recycling plans? Customization. Far too many salvage organizations only offer generic options and tactics. At CRI, we know that one-size-fits-all strategies will only yield lackluster results. That’s why we proudly offer customized solutions to every company that we partner with. When working with us, we will take the time needed to effectively evaluate your current processes and procedures; from there, will we create a final solution designed specifically to yield the best recycling results possible.


Want to hear more about our comprehensive recycling and shredding services in Chicago? Contact Combined Resources, Inc. now!

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