CRI: Delivering Customized Solutions For Plastic Recycling In Chicago

Combined Resources Inc. consults with customers in the Chicago region on a comprehensive assortment of recycling needs. From paper to scrap metal and a wide range of everything in between, our industry experts help our partners minimize waste and maximize profits at their professional operations. From large industrial manufacturers, to startup service providers, Combined Resources can help create personalized recycling solutions that keep a firm focus on the operational bottom line.


What You Need To Know About Plastic Recycling In Chicago And Throughout The Region


When working with CRI, we will create a customized recycling strategy to help manage your needs for plastic recycling in Chicago. What’s the first step in our professional partnership? We consult with clients to help them really understand some of the specific nuances of the plastic recycling process.


Our team of recycling specialists can work with your staff to help them understand the different types of plastics that may be found throughout your facility. Most plastic items have the instantly recognizable “recycle triangle” on it somewhere. Within this triangle, you will find a number that helps identify what type of plastic the item is made from. The standard operating rule indicates that lower numbers (1 and 2) prove the easiest to recycle. Higher numbers (3 through 7) can be a little more difficult to process, but not impossible. At Combined Resources, we have experience managing virtually every type of container and plastics material. By working with your staff to be able to identify the various types of containers onsite, we can best create a customized plan of action moving forward based on your specific needs.


Meeting The Challenges Of Plastic Recycling In Chicago

CRI: Delivering Customized Solutions For Plastic Recycling In Chicago

Additionally, working with our team to identify various recycling numbers can help you implement a purchasing process moving forward. Many of our partners continuously purchase the same items simply because “that’s how it’s always been done.” However, once they’ve become informed on the different types of plastics in their facility, they often find viable alternatives to their harder items to repurpose. Incorporating different, easier to reuse materials into your operational cycle will not only help you save money, it can also help you reduce your company’s overall carbon footprint.


Other Important Factors For Plastic Recycling In Chicago


Unfortunately, plastic recycling in Chicago and throughout the region can oftentimes prove more challenging than repurposing other materials. Many of our clients don’t realize that plastics will break down during the recycling process. This breakdown means that this material has a very specific recyclable shelf life; it can only be recycled a set amount of times before it may eventually find its way into a landfill of some sort. Combined Resources can help you and your staff find ways to minimize your plastics dependency and still keep your business running at maximum capacity to ensure that you do your part for the environment and still keep your profit margins as protected as possible.


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