Breaking It Down: What You Need To Know About Paper Recycling In Chicago

Looking To Go-Green With Your Business? Start With Paper Recycling In Chicago

Breaking It Down: What You Need To Know About Paper Recycling In Chicago

If you run a business, chances are, you’ve already embraced the importance of recycling on some level. For business owners in every industry and with organizations of every size and scope, implementing a corporate recycling strategy plays a key role in the impact a company makes in the environment on a global scale. By repurposing various items, executives have the ability to minimize the overall carbon footprint and keep operations running as green as possible.


Of course, here at Combined Resources Inc., we understand that an effective and efficient repurposing solution offers more than just greener operations; a successful strategy can also help business owners protect bottom line revenue. Rather than leaving waste in landfills, we help our executives implement a strategy that minimizes excess and can even help generate revenue for various items.


Paper Recycling In Chicago Business: A Breakdown Of Acceptable Materials


Implementing a process for paper recycling at Chicago businesses is a great way to begin a comprehensive go-green strategy. Virtually every business uses paper products of some sort. While many business owners do have a recycling bin placed somewhere onsite, it’s usually not enough to efficiently manage all the paper goods circulating throughout the organization.


A key reason why many organizations don’t offer enough bins? They simply don’t understand just how many recyclable papers they have within their company walls. At Combined Resources, we work with our clients to categorize various papers that may be in their organization. These items include:


High grade office papers: Almost every building has a stockpile of premium grade office papers of some sort. These higher grade office products make an excellent staple for many of our solutions for paper recycling in Chicago. White envelopes, higher stock stationary items, computer and even notebook papers all fall into this category and are easily repurposed for further use.


Lower grade stationary/mixed paper products: Beyond premium products, you may be surprised to find out how many lower grade paper products are strewn about your place of business. The biggest contributor to mixed papers? Junk mail. Each day, offices receive an endless pile of unsolicited catalogs, magazines and flyers. The good news? Most of these items don’t have to be thrown into the trash; simply remove product samples and plastics (staples and envelope windows are fine) from the items and they are ready for the recycling bin. Have newspapers lying around your office? Those can easily be recycled as well (including glossy flyers) after you’ve removed any plastic wraps.


Heavier stock paperboards/cardboards: Finally, durable papers such as paperboards and cardboards are a perfect addition to your paper recycling program. The general rule of thumb for these items is to remove plastics and liners as well as make sure there are no food stains or contaminants on the items before you place them in the bin.


Still have questions about paper recycling in Chicago? Contact Combined Resources today and learn more about our customized strategies and techniques.

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