Boost Your Bottom Line With Aluminum Recycling In Chicago

How Aluminum Recycling In Chicago Can Benefit Your Bottom Line

While we are all familiar with the environmental benefits of recycling, we are less aware of the economic benefits. The truth of the matter is, the choice of whether to recycling or not recycling can affect your bottom line. When you consider waste output as an expense, it makes sense to try to reduce that output as much as possible. It’s no different when considering whether to create a plan for aluminum recycling in Chicago.

Advances in recycling have made it possible to recycle more waste than ever before, but aluminum has, by far, been recycled the longest. Aluminum recycling has been a success from the start. Much of this success has to do with the qualities of the metal itself.


Aluminum is in constant high demand and it can be recycled indefinitely without any loss of quality. This makes the metal very valuable across many different industries.

Recycled aluminum costs less to produce than aluminum made from raw materials, uses less energy during production, can be reprocessed quicker than making new aluminum, and retains all of the benefits of fresh aluminum.

Because these benefits, aluminum recycling can benefit a business’ bottom line, even if the business does not produce aluminum products. If the business does produce aluminum products, the benefits are even more impressive.

The Most Valuable Recyclable

aluminum recycling chicagoAluminum’s physical characteristics make it the most recycled metal in the U.S. today. Recycled aluminum does not lose its’ integrity even after repeated cycles of recycling and it takes 95% less energy to make new aluminum products from recycled aluminum as opposed to making new products from raw materials.

For those who work in aluminum the cost savings are immense. This creates an ever-increasing demand for the metal as companies look for more ways to cut costs and develop sustainable business practices.

There is a strong market for aluminum, making it by far the most valuable recyclable in your bin. The aluminum industry pays roughly $800 million for empty cans, every year. That represents just a 67% participation rate, which means there is room for improvement and greater payouts.

Aluminum recycling comes down to having a product that is of value to someone else. You have scrap or excess aluminum and someone else has a demand for it.

Fun Facts About Aluminum

  • When you recycle an aluminum can, it can be recycled and back on the shelf in 60 days or fewer.
  • Nearly 75% of the existing processed aluminum is still in use today, because it can be recycled indefinitely.
  • Gutters, lawn furniture, window frames, siding, car components, and just about any types of aluminum can be recycled.
  • Americans discard about $1 billion in aluminum cans each year.
  • With the energy manufacturers need to produce one new original can, they can make 20 recycled cans.

Finding The Market For Aluminum Recycling

There is a market for aluminum recycling in Chicago and it starts with your recycling efforts. Aluminum recycling can be profitable whether you are just tossing cans, if you produce scrap or aluminum products.

Instead of just tossing aluminum in the trash, partner with a collection service that can make sure that aluminum makes it to the recycler. If you are paying for your trash collection based on weight, you’ll see a drop in your bill immediately. If you are paying based on container size, you may be able to switch to smaller container, or less frequent pick-ups and save money that way. If you don’t produce a lot of aluminum, but do have a lot of aluminum beverage cans to be recycled, consider taking them to scrap dealers yourself instead of letting your trash hauler do it. You can collect cash on the spot and use it for morale boosting expenses, like office celebrations.

Here at Combined Resources, Inc. (CRI), we have an established network of scrap dealers and distribution channels that allow us to sell aluminum for top dollar. Together with your company, we will create a custom recyclables collection program that helps you turn your waste aluminum into profits.

Contact us at 630-916-1804 to learn how we can help you manage your waste or visit us at to learn more about aluminum recycling in Chicago.

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