Avoid A Data Security Breach By Utilizing Paper Shredding In Chicago

Unfortunately in our world today, identity theft and security breaches are becoming the norm in our society. Individuals have to be wary of who they give out their personal information to, and companies bear a major responsibility in protecting individuals’ sensitive information. Too often, however, companies do not have the proper systems or procedures in place to safely dispose of sensitive information, and they pay the legal price. The following tips can help businesses be more cautious in their approach to discarding documentation, and therefore avoid a costly security breach.





Have a Records Management Procedure In Place


Do you have a company-wide system for storing and disposing of paper documentation? If you do not, creating a plan is the first step to avoiding a data security breach. Create a comprehensive records management plan that is easy for all employees to use and to follow. Make sure that plan includes secure storage and easy retrieval of documents. Ensure that only employees with authorized clearance can access the files at all times. Paper documents should be kept in lockable filing cabinets, within a securely locked room. The keys should only be accessible to authorized employees, and the file room should never be left open or unattended.


Your plan should not only specify how your records are stored and accessed, but it should also detail how to properly dispose of data, as well. Off-site paper shredding in Chicago is one of the safest and most secure ways to effectively dispose of sensitive information. An off-site paper shredding and recycling company not only knows how to properly, efficiently, and permanently dispose of data, but it is also their job to know the laws associated with data removal and disposal. This way you and your employees can be 100% sure the job is done properly and legally every time.paper shredding Chicago


Train Your Employees


After creating a comprehensive records management plan for your company, make sure to thoroughly train all employees on the proper procedures. This may seem like an obvious step, but a leading cause of data security breaches is inadequately trained employees accidentally mishandling data. They might unintentionally trash something that needs to be shredded, leaving the information vulnerable. To avoid these mistakes, hold mandatory detailed training sessions regarding all aspects of storing, accessing, and disposing of documentation. Make sure employees know where paper-shredding stations are placed around the office, and assign a point person that contacts and communicates with the off-site recycling and paper shredding company that your business has hired. Lastly, make sure that all new hires complete the training before they begin handling data to keep them from inadvertently mishandling paperwork.


Digitize Your Records


Many companies are moving towards using digital records rather than paper records. Digital records are much easier to store, to access, and to dispose of. Digital records present their own security issues at times, but as a whole are much more secure than paper records, thanks to the plethora of security software programs available. If your company is thinking about making the jump from paper records to digital records, it is more important than ever to properly dispose of documentation when you complete the transition. Disposing of large amounts of documentation simultaneously puts a company at greater risk of a data security breach. This is because large quantities of paper are more difficult to monitor than the amount generated on a daily or weekly basis. It is wise to employ companies that specialize in paper shredding in Chicago to outsource the task and reduce the level of risk.


Contact A Paper Shredding And Recycling Company


If your company is looking to make the paper to digital switch, or if you realize you need a better system for document destruction, partner with a recycling company that offers paper shredding in Chicago and makes a plan today. Combined Resources Inc. offers customized paper shredding plans to fit your business’ specific needs. Contact them today at 630-693-0111 to see how they can help your company reduce the risk of a security breach.

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