Arrange A Waste Audit With Chicago Recycling Companies

Are Chicago Recycling Companies Handling Your Waste As You Expect?

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Have you ever wondered what happens to your recyclables once they leave your facility? Does your hauler actually recycle them or do they end up somewhere else; do they end up in the landfill despite your best efforts?

It’s tough to know for sure, especially if you partner with Chicago recycling companies that aren’t local or that then partner with others to haul their pick-ups away. It’s very easy for recyclables to be mishandled when no one is paying attention.

One thing you can be certain of when partnering with CRI is honesty, integrity, and service. We are not in this business just to make a profit. We are in it because we believe that we need to manage landfill space responsibly and that we have a commitment to the entire planet to find better ways of managing waste. And we have found better ways! It is possible for businesses to create a Zero Landfill waste stream. All it takes is a little ingenuity and advice from Chicago recycling companies, like CRI, that are as committed to the environment as you are.

How CRI Is Different From Other Chicago Recycling Companies

  1. We’re Local. Combined Resources, Inc. started here in Chicago in 1986 and it remains here in Chicago. We aren’t out to take over the world of waste management. We are here to help Chicago business make the most out of their waste management solutions. We are here for you; to help you improve your recycling numbers and your bottom line.
  1. We Own Our Fleet. Owning our own fleet gives us complete control and flexibility of service. Need a late night pick up? No problem! Are weekend pick-ups better for your business? That’s fine with us.
  1. Our Leadership Team Is Accessible. Actually, our executive team is more than accessible; they are neck-deep in every facet of operations. They work with every client personally to develop effective solutions for specific needs and challenges. There are no standard plans to choose from that you must force your business to work around. We design the waste management plan around you.
  1. We’re Affordable. Do you think it costs too much to implement a new recycling program? Not with CRI here to help you! We custom design every program for the client so it maximizes your ROI. Not only that, we offer financing solutions to help you manage costs and take advantage of more waste solutions than you expected to be able to afford.

Arrange A Free Audit To See How CRI Is Different From Other Chicago Recycling Companies

Combined Resources, Inc. offer free on-site waste audits so you can compare your current services against ours and to identify areas where you can expand your recycling efforts. Contact us at 855-782-8490 to gain customized insight into your waste patterns and the solutions necessary for changing them. It is possible to make recycling pay and we mean that literally! If you are looking for ways to improve your bottom line, start with what’s going out the back door by arranging a free waste audit with Combined Resources, Inc.

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