Aluminum Recycling In Chicago Provides Benefits Far And Wide

The Benefits Of Aluminum Recycling In Chicago Go Further Than You Think

Aluminum recycling in Chicago may be second nature but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from learning more about it. Aluminum recycling is one of our greatest recycling success stories as a country and remains a hugely important endeavor with far-reaching impacts that may surprise you.

Environmental Benefits Of Recycling Aluminum

The most obvious benefit of recycling aluminum is the environmental benefits. Aluminum is a metal that is infinitely recyclable. Recycling the metal that we’ve already mined:

  • Reduces the environmental impacts of additional bauxite mining such as mine tailings and acid mine drainage.
  • Eliminates the greenhouse gases that would be created through the smelting process that transforms raw ore into usable aluminum. These gases contribute to acid rain and smog.
  • Requires less energy (90-95% less, by some estimates!) than harvesting, collecting, smelting, and processing virgin ore.
  • Conserves natural resources by leaving virgin ore in place and eliminating the need for water used in processing the ore.

Economic Benefits Of Recycling Aluminum

Aluminum is the single most recycled consumer product and it travels far and wide once it’s been tossed in the bin. Did you know that the U.S. exports recycled aluminum? These scrap commodities, as they are called, support U.S. jobs and worldwide manufacturing. Not only can recycled aluminum be used to support jobs that create new products, they support the scrapyards that pay for, sort, and process aluminum.

In as little as 60 days, a can made of aluminum may be recycled and back on the shelf – or turned into an entirely new product halfway around the world. Recycling isn’t limited to aluminum cans though. Anything that is made of aluminum can be recycled – gutters, doors, window frames, car components…. if it’s aluminum, there’s a market for it!

Community Benefits Of Recycling Aluminum

Yes, there are even community benefits to recycling aluminum. Schools, clubs, and civic groups all receive support by collecting aluminum and selling it for scrap. These groups then turn around and invest that money right back in their local community through service projects, support, and activities for local residents. Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls Clubs and the Boy and Girl Scouts are all examples of organizations that collect and recycle aluminum for the greater good.

Aluminum Recycling In Chicago Is Easier Than You Think

Just like the benefits of aluminum recycling got further than you may have thought, it’s easier than you think to get started with a strong aluminum recycling program. Combined Resources, Inc. (CRI) works closely with businesses and organizations to capture their aluminum and metal waste and divert it from the landfill. Our methods enable companies to actually improve their profit margin by finding new uses for their waste, including aluminum and scrap metal!

Contact us at 855-782-8490 for a free waste audit so we can help you start profiting from your waste!

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