Why You Want to Work with Combined Resources Inc

The Top 10 Reasons to Work with Combined Resources for Your Commercial Recycling Needs


Reasons to Work with Combined Resources for your industrial recycling needs

  1. Certified Scales by Illinois Department of Transportation. Even the police come from far away to use our scales. Scale tickets are given to our customers for proof of weights.
  2. Recycling audits ensure you and your employees are maximizing all the benefits of recycling and reducing your trash.
  3. Our facility doors are always open to our operations and to show what happens to your material once it leaves your facility.
  4. We keep up with the ever changing markets so you don’t have to. We have over 30 years of experience in this industry.
  5. We buy everything from plastics, pallets, paper, cardboard, and all types of metals. We sell pallets as well. We take co-mingle trailer loads. Which means you can load our trailer with all the various types of recyclable material and we will pay based on each type.
  6. Prompt payment for your material.
  7. We have locations all across the USA.
  8. We have a license to collect, transport, recycle, dispose of any particular item at all our locations.
  9. We are fully covered with all the necessary insurance requirements to protect you and our business.
  10. We can provide reports of your recycling operations as often as daily, weekly, or monthly.

We are here to assist the customer in any means necessary with their recycling process to allow the customer to focus on their CORE business. Receive your free recycling audit today.


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