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Chicago Scrap Metal Buyers: What To Look For In A Professional Provider

chicago scrap metal buyersAre you currently in the process of sourcing reputable Chicago scrap metal buyers to help with your business’ scrap and excess metal? Have you begun the process, but quickly feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of companies who claim to be “industry experts?” With so many Chicago scrap metal buyers to choose from, selecting a professional and top quality provider can initially feel daunting; however, following a few important tips can quickly streamline the process and ensure you stay focused on the most critical standards throughout your search.

What Sets Chicago Scrap Metal Buyers Apart?

When vetting Chicago scrap metal buyers, look for the following criteria to ensure your search yields the best results possible.

Customized solutions: First and foremost, when searching for top notch Chicago scrap metal buyers, look for an organization prepared to create a customized strategy for your company. Every business has its own specific needs, project scope and final objectives. Working with a firm that only offers cookie-cutter solutions is a surefire way to pay more than you should, not get the results you are hoping for, or both. Rather than working with an “order taker,” it’s important to find a true partner who will work closely with you throughout the process and create a personalized approach that delivers the results your organization deserves.

Extensive range of metals accepted: Highly-qualified Chicago scrap metal buyers will offer strategies and solutions on a wide range of metals. As a business owner, you never know what type of scrap and excess metal you’ll end up with; having an established relationship with a buyer that takes a comprehensive range of metals can save you both time and money. Look for a firm that accepts metals such as faris, non faris, copper, aluminum, motors, steel, brass, cans and more to ensure you are establishing a channel with a provider ready to manage any upcoming needs you may have.

Established network of trusted partners: Teaming with Chicago scrap metal buyers that have a well-established network of trusted partners can prove critical to the success of your overall professional relationship. Ask the top contenders in your search to outline the types of relationships they have as well as the expected turnaround time they expect on various transactions to ensure that your needs get the attention and care that they deserve.

Comprehensive recycling services: As a business leader, it’s no secret that your specific recycling needs will extend far beyond your scrap and excess metal requirements; that’s why it’s critical to partner with Chicago scrap metal buyers that also offer additional recycling services and capabilities. Partnering with a provider who offers one-stop recycling solutions can help streamline your operations for optimal efficiencies.

Financing options: Finally, if you’re concerned about the potential expense of working with Chicago scrap metal buyers, look for a firm that offers various financing options. A reputable organization will be able to put together a financing package that suits your specific financial restraints for maximum return on overall investment.

If you’re currently sourcing professional Chicago scrap metal buyers, Combined Resourcesshould be your first call. Contact us today to see how we can help with all of your recycling needs.


How Scrap Metal Companies In Chicago Help You Manage Waste

scrap metal chicagoMetal is widely used in Chicago’s many manufacturing facilities. It’s also rare for these industrial supplies to be used up completely with nothing left over once products have been created. Recycling this type of metal presents some challenges, especially once you get into large quantities or if the material has been contaminated in some way. And it’s not practical to leave unused metal lying around a facility. Eventually, you’re going to run out of room. This is where scrap metal companies in Chicago come in.

Scrap metal companies in Chicago can help you manage your waste stream, save your profit margin and protect the environment all at the same time, and CRI is here to help you do that.

Scrap Metal Can Be Recycled

Being of metallic material, scrap can absolutely be recycled. You may think your only option for dealing with it is to throw it away, store it on-site or find someone to buy it. That’s not true. At CRI, we help businesses develop solutions though customized recycling plans that take advantage of our partnerships with reputable scrap metal companies in Chicago.

Any metal item that is not a food container can be classified as scrap metal. This includes steel, copper, motors and other automotive parts, brass, aluminum, ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Your municipal waste hauler probably can’t take these types of materials to the local recycling center. That’s why you need to work with scrap metal companies in Chicago to rid yourself of this unwanted material.

Streamline Your Business With Help From Scrap Metal Companies In Chicago

Excess materials that can’t be used represent wasted dollars for your business. You can rid yourself of this unusable material by partnering with CRI. We can find ways to recycle, reuse or repurpose your scrap metal for use by others and help you get a greater return on your initial investment.

Working with scrap metal companies in Chicago also helps you divert that waste from landfills or junkyards where it would simply pile up. You’ll save money by not having to pay for it to be hauled away by your regular waste hauler, reduce your environmental impact, and help another business out by providing raw materials for the secondary market.

Scrap Metal Solutions At CRI

At CRI, we have developed strong partnership and distribution channels with scrap metal companies in Chicago. Our solutions involve reusing and recycling scrap metal and preventing it from going to the landfill. This repurposing of metals reduces demand for virgin resources, which require much more energy to extract and refine than recycling or reclaiming existing metal does.

You have enough to focus on just running your business. You shouldn’t have to research solutions to your scrap metal problems or try to negotiate with junk haulers every time you find yourself with excess scrap. Let CRI handle this aspect of your business for you. We have years of experience reducing the waste streams of companies of all sizes. Our consultative approach means every one of our customers receives a custom scrap metal solution that is just right for their business.

To learn more about CRI’s scrap metal solutions in Chicago, contact us at 630-916-1804. We will work closely with you to develop a metal recycling strategy that handles your scrap problem seamlessly and affordably.

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