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Recycling Center In Chicago Shares Holiday Waste Advice

Reducing Holiday Waste: Advice From Our Recycling Center In Chicago

The holidays are a time for giving, but all that giving creates a lot of waste! In fact, American’s produce 25% more waste during the holiday season than any other time of year! This season, we want to help you do your best to minimize the impact your holiday has on the environment. Consider these 8 tips to reduce holiday waste this year and every year!

8 Tips For Reducing Your Holiday Waste

  1. Host A Zero-Waste Event. Skip the disposable dishes and flatware and use reusable products instead. Most food plates can’t be recycled, which means every single one of those dishes is going straight to the landfill. Cloth napkins will add a special touch to your event and reusable decorations will keep your waste to a minimum. Recycle and compost what you can to complete your zero-waste gathering.
  2. Bring Your Own Bags. It’s pretty common for people to bring their own, reusable bags when shopping for groceries, but less so when shopping for gifts. There’s no reason for that. Grab your shopping bags and use them to haul home your gifts and goodies.
  3. Stop Junk Mail. The holidays are the worst time of year when it comes to receiving junk mail. If catalogs are cluttering your mailbox and countertops, put a stop to it. Call the 800 numbers of the publications and ask to be removed from their mailing lists. Chances are if you’ve already bought from them, you’re also getting email solicitations, too. So you won’t really be missing out on anything by stopping the catalog.
  4. Give The Gift Of Recharging. 40% of battery sales are made during the holidays. Give rechargables and keep the old ones out of landfills.
  5. Re-Think Your Wrapping. We know. Part of the fun of gift giving isrecycling center chicago seeing all the brightly colored gifts wrapped up. But traditional wrapping paper has a high clay content and low paper content. This makes it hard to recycle and many recycling centers in Chicago won’t accept it. You can avoid this extra waste by using decorated kraft paper or paper bags, comics, posters, maps, calendar pages, or fabric as wrap instead. Ship items in fabric or newspaper to avoid Styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap.
  6. Give An Experience. You can eliminate most of your waste altogether by giving your loved ones an experience instead of a physical thing. Consider a membership to a zoo or museum, tickets to the theater, or money to put towards a trip.
  7. Recycling The Old. Once you’ve got all new goodies, what will happen to your old stuff? Many electronics can be recycled at major retailers or by contacting a recycling center in Chicago. Other things that are recyclable are string lights, extension cords, holiday cards, paper and cardboard boxes.
  8. Greener Greetings. We send approximately 1.5 billion cards in the U.S every holiday season. We’d need to plant 300,000 new trees every year to make up for that. Many of these cards get tossed in the trash in January. You can send greener greetings by selecting cards that are made of recycled content and are recyclable themselves or using one of many virtual greeting card companies to email your holiday wishes.

Talk to your hauler. What will they accept curbside? What can be dropped off at a recycling center in Chicago?

Contact A Recycling Center In Chicago To Learn About Your Options

If you’re unsure what types of waste your hauler will accept for recycling, call them or visit their website to see if they have a list of accepted items. You can also contact Combined Resources, Inc., a recycling center in Chicago, and find out if they will accept dropped off items or arrange a special pick-up to collect your recyclables. With a little effort, you can create a zero-waste holiday. Before you know it, every year will be zero-waste!


What Your Business Needs To Know About Cardboard Recycling in Chicago

cardboard recycling in chicagoIt’s becoming more and more common to see cardboard recycling in Chicago businesses, but do we really know the facts about cardboard recycling and what happens after the recycling process? Here are some facts you may not know about your cardboard recycling.

A Lot Happens After You Put That Box In The Recycling Bin

So, your business has started recycling, good for you! Combined Resources can help you with the “nuts and bolts” part of recycling, but what about impact and the process of recycling? Why is recycling so important and what really happens to our cardboard garbage after we drop it in the bin? Here are some facts and a run-down of what happens to your cardboard.

Facts About Cardboard Recycling

  • When you use old cardboard, it takes 30 to 50 percent less energy to recycle the cardboard than it does when you make it from trees.
  • Recycling reduces pollution by 95 percent compared to cardboard made with trees. Try this recycling calculator to find your recycling ratio.
  • It will extend the life of our landfills exponentially, because 40 percent of the refuse in landfills is cardboard and paper.
  • Corrugated cardboard is recycled into cereal boxes, food boxes and back into cardboard.

The Process Doesn’t Stop Here

While these facts are interesting, it doesn’t explain how the cardboard recycling process works. When you participate in cardboard recycling in Chicago, you’re not only extending the life of Illinois’ landfills, but you’re adding to the state’s economy as well. Here is a brief overview of how cardboard recycling works.

How Cardboard Recycling Works

CRI puts out bins, which are collected, sorted and baled. They are then transported to a recycling plant. You can help this process by keeping your cardboard dry and free of dirt and oils. Oily, dirty cardboard can’t be recycled, so you need to find another home for your breakroom pizza boxes.

Once it’s sorted and sent to the paper factory, the paper is mixed with water in a huge blender. The blender mixes the paper into pulp and separates the paper fibers. The blender also de-inks any printed cardboard. The pulp is sent through several screens, which separates our fibers, but also weeds out stray paper clips, staples and such.

The clean pulp is then mixed with a small amount of new wood pulp to make the cardboard stronger. The clean, mixed pulp is then pressed into forms or sheets, and then dried. Voila, new, recycled cardboard is made!

Your Cardboard Isn’t The Only Revitalized Element

This begins the new life of your cardboard box. This isn’t the only thing that begins; a whole new industry has been based around the collection and reprocessing of paper products and other products. This creates jobs in both Illinois and Chicago itself, which in turn puts more money back into the city and state you love. This is big news for business owners, because that means that money is likely to recycle right back into their businesses. It’s a win-win-win situation, for cardboard recycling Chicago workers, your business and for mother Earth.

To learn more about cardboard recycling in your workplace, contact Combined Resources, Inc. at 855-782-8490. Learn more about our cardboard recycling services, here.


10 Items Recycling Services In Chicago Will Accept

Recycling services Chicago  Chicago may require businesses and commercial establishments to recycle certain items, but did you know there’s so much more you can recycle? Today’s recycling services in Chicago will accept much more than the standard paper and aluminum cans. Here’s a look at 10 items recycling services in Chicago will accept and what they can be used for.


Top 10 Recyclable Items And Where They Go


  1. Aluminum. Once cleaned and processed, aluminum cans are typically melted down into solid metal blocks and used to manufacture new cans. Aluminum is one of those items that is a complete circle of recycling with the same material being used over and over again to make the same products.


  1. PET/PETE Bottles. PET/PETE bottles are identified with the recyclable number 1. PET/PETE plastics recycle well. The plastics can be reprocessed into flakes, which are then used to make many new things from new bottles to carpeting, clothing and even some types of insulation.


  1. Newspaper. Recycled newspaper is mostly used to make new newspaper, but it is also used to make cereal boxes, egg cartons, grocery bags, tissue paper, and more.


  1. Corrugated Cardboard. Corrugated cardboard has an over 90% recycle rate, according to the USEPA. Most of that comes from commercial locations, which means businesses are taking the lead in recycling this material. Recycled cardboard is used mostly to make new shipping boxes and paperboard products.


  1. Steel Cans. Unlike paper, which can only be recycled 5-7 times before the fibers give out, metal is infinitely recyclable. Steel is considered the world’s most recycled material and all steel sold today has been recycled at some point. Your steel can could have been a bridge, a refrigerator, or even a roof in its past life.


  1. HDPE Plastic Bottles. HDPE stands for “High density polyethylene” and is identified by the #2 on plastics. It’s used to contain cleaning and personal care products. HDPE is highly recyclable and can be turned into garbage bags, bins, and even plastic lumber.


  1. Glass Containers. Glass is another item that can be endlessly recycled without losing quality, but not all glass is the same. Glass containers are made up of different materials than glass windows and cannot be comingled. Glass containers are typically recycled back into more glass containers and fiberglass.


  1. Magazines. Magazines can be recycled and you don’t even have to remove bindings or staples from them before you toss them in the bin. They are not recycled into new magazines, however. Most end up as paperboard, stationary, printer paper, or newspaper.


  1. Mixed Paper. More than 5,000 products can be made using recycled paper. This includes masking tape, coffee filters, paper money, lampshades, egg cartons and much more.


  1. Electronics. Electronics like cell phones and computers are recycled for the materials they contain. Precious metals can be extracted and reused, saving companies from having to source raw materials. Steel, aluminum, and plastics can be recycled and turned into many new products. Even the batteries can be recycled.


Recycling Services In Chicago Help Make Old Products New Again


What’s old is made new again with recycling services in Chicago from Combined Resources Inc. As technology advances, more and more companies and consumers see the economic benefits of recycling and buying recycled products. And more and more waste products end up in the recycling bin. This is good news for businesses, consumers, and the planet.


To learn more about reducing your waste stream or our recycling services in Chicago, contact us today.


CRI: How Our Recycling Center In Chicago Makes Going Green Part Of Your Corporate Culture

CRI: How Our Recycling Center In Chicago Makes Going Green Part Of Your Corporate Culture

How to Make Going Green Part of Your Company Culture

As a business owner, you already know how important it is to stay environmentally conscious throughout your operations. Whatever the size and scope of your organization, going green can help you minimize your overall carbon footprint as well as streamline your operations for optimal proficiency. From paper shredding, to managing large quantities of scrap metals, there are a myriad of ways that your organization can leverage the significant benefits and advantages offered by recycling.


Common Reasons Why Some Business Owners Feel Reluctant To Embrace Recycling


Despite the many perks offered by recycling and other go-green initiatives, many business owners find themselves reluctant to truly embrace these environmentally friendly processes. Their reasons may vary based on their specific corporate operations; however, many entrepreneurs are hesitant about recycling for three very specific reasons:


Afraid of inconvenience: Perhaps the most popular reason organizations don’t recycle is concern over inconvenience. Busy entrepreneurs believe that, with everything going on internally, they simply don’t have the bandwidth necessary to adequately and efficiently manage the waste in their company.


Not enough space to store waste: Beyond inconvenience, many businesses, particularly smaller companies, feel that they don’t have the space needed to store their recyclable items for proper disposal.


Overwhelmed with the details: Finally, many entrepreneurs simply find themselves overwhelmed with the entire recycling process. Even with the best environmentally conscious intentions, they find themselves completely confused when trying to setup their own internal process for repurposing their waste. After several valiant attempts, they find themselves frustrated and ready to give up.


Combined Resources, Inc.: Leading Recycling Center In Chicago Offers Customized Solutions


If you’re currently considering ways to make your organization as green as possible, Combined Resources, Inc. can help. As a leading recycling center in Chicago, CRI proudly partners with all clients to help them not only feel comfortable about their go-green efforts, but also implement them throughout the company. When working with our recycling center in Chicago, we can go through each of the reasons you feel reluctant to go green, and help design a customized waste management strategy that you feel comfortable implementing within your facility.


The first issue our team will address is convenience. At CRI, customer convenience is our top priority. We consult with your organization to pinpoint exactly what will work for our pickup schedules so you can continue business as usual. We even offer emergency pickups so you never have to worry about waste bringing your operations to a halt.


Additionally, when working with us, we can also help you manage the amount of storage space you’ll need for waste. We provide the right bins and receptacles based on your needs so you won’t have to designate other internal areas to collect your trash. Beyond created customized waste management solutions, we also monitor how efficient the pickup schedule is so we can adjust and modify as needed, to keep your facility as waste free as possible at all times.


When working with CRI’s recycling, we effectively take all of the guesswork out of the entire process. Not only do we effectively manage the process from start to finish, but we can also train your internal staff so they feel completely comfortable with your newly implemented solution. For more information about our leading recycling center in Chicago, contact CRI today!

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