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4 Types Of Paper Shredding Services In Chicago

4 Different Types Of Paper Shredding Services In Chicago

Paper shredding is an important way to keep your private and sensitive business data safe. Financial, health, and personnel records that fall into the wrong hands can have devastating, long-term consequences for the victim. If paper shredding isn’t part of your usual security routine, it needs to be. If you think your business is too small to benefit from shredding, you’re wrong. Shredding services in Chicago are beneficial to businesses of all sizes as well as families and individuals.

Best of all, there is a shredding service that will meet your needs and fit your budget. Here’s a look at four different types of shredding services in Chicago.

Types Of Paper Shredding Services rr

Not everyone has the same paper shredding needs, but that is no reason to skip the shredding, Even if you only need to shred files annually, shredding is the best way to keep confidential data safe and out of the wrong hands. Depending on the size and nature of your business consider one of these four types of shredding services in Chicago.

  1. Routine, Scheduled Service. This is the most widely recognized type of shredding service. Under this model, the shredding service comes to your place of business at regular, pre-schedules dates/times to shred your paper on-site. They’ll likely show up in a large truck that is equipped with a shredder and run the paper through the truck right in your parking lot.
  1. Purge Services. If you haven’t shredded in a while, or ever, you can arrange for a purge shredding service call. Using this service, you can get rid of outdated files and destroy unneeded, confidential data in one fell swoop. This is a great option if you are just getting started with shredding and want to start with a clean slate or if you operate a small business and just need to shred once a month or once a year.
  1. Drop Off Shredding Services. Some shredding services in Chicago will allow you to drop off your papers for shredding at their place of operation. This is a good choice if you suddenly find yourself with data that needs to be shredded immediately or if you are a small business that does not have routine or large shredding needs. Under this model, you’ll figure out a time that is convenient for you and bring in your box of papers that need shredding.
  1. Hard Drive Destruction. Ok, this is technically not a paper shredding service, but not all data is stored on paper anymore. As a result, many shredding services in Chicago have adapted to provide hard drive or disk destruction. Services range from wiping the hard drive to physically crushing and shredding the computer components. If old computers are taking up valuable space in your facility, you can get rid of them safely and responsibly with hard drive destruction.

Contact CRI For Custom Paper Shredding Services In Chicago

If you have more paper than you know what to do with or are concerned about data security, contact Combined Resources, Inc. for a free paper shredding consultation. We work closely with our clients to develop custom shredding solutions that meet your data security needs and fit your budget.

Learn more about our paper shredding services in Chicago by calling us toll-free at 855-782-8490.


Paper Shredding In Chicago Can Save You More Than Time

Paper Shredding In Chicago Can Save You More Than TimeAround the office, mail is constant. These communications pile up unless you stay on top of them. Even though more and more documents have become electronic, plenty of paper still floats around. It’s the random paper that can become a security risk to your business. Much of the mail that remains in the Inbox is Junk Mail, advertisements or catalogs that try to persuade you to work with their businesses. The problem with junk mail is that it contains information about your company that you may not want in someone else’s hands.


The volume of Junk Mail received to the average mailbox is 41 pounds a year. What happens to all of that when it gets tossed into the garbage can? Despite the ecological impact of paper waste, each of those pages endangers your company. The best way to handle such a security risk and also help the environment is to add a step to your mail process: shredding.


Paper Shredding At Chicago Businesses Protects Against Fraud


Here are the types of documents that come through your mailroom that should take a trip through a shredder:


  1. Inside these catalogs is usually a form that links your company and address to an account number. Designed to make ordering simple – all you need to do is provide the number and all your data is instantly retrieved. But these account numbers also make your company vulnerable. Fraudulent purchases are easy to make by presenting this account number. Sometimes, the catalogs have forms that are prefilled. This could make it easy for someone to finish the form, simply changing the address, and steal from your business. Whenever these are received, they should be shredded.


  1. Direct mail advertising coupons. Many advertisers will send coupon postcards addressed to your employees. One side will be the personalized address, and the other side will be their offer. However, included somewhere is a bar code. Anything with a bar code should be shredded! If your employees use this coupon, the advertisers receive information about their spending habits through this bar code – they know who they are, where they work, what was bought, and where it was bought. These bar codes look harmless, but they are powerful ways to link your business to a database that collects numerous statistics. This database creates vulnerability; access to this information could undermine the integrity of your employees.


  1. Account statements, bills, and invoices. Account statements or invoices from vendors typically can be emailed. However, many organizations continue to send a paper copy via mail. These mailed statements or bills are discarded as duplicates, but they contain volumes of information. In the wrong hands, this information could make your company responsible for charges that are fraud.

Shredding Protects Your Business


The cost of paper shredding in Chicago is much less than the cost of damage control from fraud. With the variety of shredders and the ease of shredding services your company can stay on top of the mail before it becomes a problem. Quality shredders handle large volumes of material quickly to make this additional step faster. If adding a step each time is too much, the shredding services collect the items to shred and bring the whole pile to their facility. Either way, the end result is safety – and a goodwill gesture to the environment.


To learn more about paper management and paper shredding in Chicago, contact Combined Resources, Inc. at 855-782-8490. Learn more about our paper shredding services, here.


Why Professional Document Destruction In Chicago Is A Must

shredding services chicagoWhat do you think of when you consider document destruction? Perhaps you envision a man in a suit meticulously feeding one sheet of paper at a time into a paper shredder. While this may be the case in some offices, many businesses are going to a more advanced, more efficient solution for document destruction in Chicago. Paper recycling companies like Combined Resources offer professional document destruction in Chicago. In this review, we will discuss why professional paper shredding is a must for any organization.


#1 – Professional document destruction protects your company.

Companies that do not properly dispose of paper are putting themselves at a huge risk. Typically, documents that you are getting rid of have information on them that you would want to remain secure and confidential. The benefit of professional document destruction in Chicago is that it enables you to protect your company from information leaking. Do not take the chance of someone getting their hands on sensitive company information.


#2 – Professional document destruction protects your clients.

Not only do the papers you are disposing of contain sensitive information about your company, but they probably also contain private information about your clients. For example, you might have your clients’ names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, or account information indicated on documents. Your clients will appreciate the security and discretion provided by professional document destruction in Chicago.


#3 – Professional document destruction will save your company time and money.

Now that we have established that documents should be shredded for the protection of both you and your clients, let us look at the benefit of professional document shredding services over doing it yourself. Once again, let’s envision the man in the suit feeding one paper into the shredder at a time. When you think about how much time it would take one of your employees to shred your documents, you begin to realize the value of professional document destruction in Chicago. Not to mention, if you are paying that employee hourly, shredding documents yourselves is probably more expensive than professional document shredding.


#4 – Professional document destruction reduces your carbon footprint.

Another reason professional document destruction is a must is because it reduces your company’s carbon footprint. It is every company’s responsibility to be mindful of how we are impacting the environment. Most professional paper shredding companies recycle the paper once it is shredded, making your company more environmentally responsible.


#5 – Professional document destruction can be customized to your company’s unique needs.

As a small, hands-on business, Combined Resources specializes in customizing our services to each of our client’s specific needs. We will arrange a pick-up time and schedule that will work best for your company, even if that means evening or weekend pick-ups. Additionally, we offer financing options so that money does not stand in the way of your company benefiting from convenient document destruction in Chicago.


If you are interested in recycling or document destruction in Chicago, contact Combined Resources today for more information.


4 Advantages Of Recycling And Document Shredding In Chicago

4 Advantages Of Recycling And Document Shredding In ChicagoAdvantages of Bulk Paper Shredding

Many companies may not realize the advantages of recycling and document shredding in Chicago. The truth is, these things are not just good for the environment, but they are beneficial for your company as well. Combined Resources is a paper recycling company that manages industrial waste, including paper recycling, metal recycling, plastic recycling, and bulk paper shredding in Chicago. Below, we will discuss four advantages of recycling and document shredding.


#1 – Security

One of the advantages of professional document shredding in Chicago is the security it provides both your company and your clients. Combined Resources will help you achieve a paper shredding solution that caters to your company’s specific needs. Regardless of how big or small your company is, we can come up with a solution that works for you. The best part about our document shredding is that it is completely secure. We follow a set of specific procedures to ensure that your company’s information will never be leaked. In turn, you can assure your clients that all of their information will remain confidential and secure, even upon disposal of documents.


#2 – Environmental Responsibility

One of the main advantages of recycling is environmental responsibility. In this day and age, more and more consumers are looking for companies that care about the environment and do their part to give back. Incorporating recycling as a regular part of your processes will not only give you a sense of personal satisfaction for doing your part, but it will also show your customers that your company has character and integrity. Studies show that over 50% of consumers are willing to pay more for products from companies that are socially and environmentally responsible. This issue will only become more important and relevant in the coming years as the younger generations make up more and more of the consumer population. Not only can Combined Resources help you reduce your carbon footprint, but our goal is also to help you achieve a zero percent landfill recycling goal.


#3 – Convenience

Another advantage of recycling and document shredding in Chicago is convenience. Combined Resources aims to make recycling as easy as possible for our clients. For this reason, we offer day, night, and weekend pickups. Additionally, we treat each of our clients uniquely, catering to their specific needs. As part of our commitment to customer care, we offer a variety of financing options for our clients.


#4 – Efficiency

A benefit of recycling metal, paper, and plastic is that it makes your company more efficient. Combined Resources helps you minimize your waste output, which in turn increases your profit margin. Not only do we offer solutions for document shredding and metal, plastic, and paper recycling, but we can also help you manage your e-waste. You will be amazed at how reducing your waste will maximize your profit margin. This is a great way to increase profit in the long run.


If you want to find out what Combined Resources can do for your company, contact us today for more information.


Paper Shredding Services Chicago: Four Must Have Factors To Consider

Paper Shredding Services Chicago: Four Must Have Factors To ConsiderAs a business owner, you already recognize how critical it is to protect your clients’ data. In order to effectively protect your customers, you need to have a secure operational process in place that keeps their private information private at all times. A key component to any entrepreneurs’ data security success is partnering with professional paper shredding services in Chicago.


If you’ve been relying on your own internal procedure to safeguard your clients’ data, it’s time to consider outsourcing the burden to professional shredding services in Chicago. A qualified and professional firm that shreds corporate documents can offer a litany of proven benefits and advantages that can help set your organization apart from the competition. No matter what industry you operate in, your clients will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business takes their privacy seriously. Additionally, your customers will also appreciate that your organization takes the environment seriously and is doing its part to recycle obsolete documents.


Not All Paper Shredding Services In Chicago Are Created Alike


Of course, as with any service provider, all it takes is a quick online search to see that not all paper shredding services in Chicago are created alike. While the onslaught of prospective vendors vying for your business may initially make you want to choose the first name on the list of search results, don’t. Your business documents are far too valuable to entrust to just any vendor. Taking the time to thoroughly screen every prospective provider will prove well worth the effort and initiative.


Four Things To Look For When Screening Paper Shredding Services In Chicago


#1: The security process of your chosen vendor plays a key role in the decision making process. No matter what industry you’re in, successfully protecting your internal documents can make or break the trust of your clients. Take the time to thoroughly discuss your vendor’s procedure to ascertain that they are experienced and skilled enough to ensure that no one ever has unnecessary access to your documentation.


#2: Another major factor in the screening process? How well your vendor’s shredding options work with your specific needs. A quality provider will be able to offer a range of service options for a truly customized final solution. Ask each vendor about onsite/offsite options as well as varying service times (some will even offer emergency services on an ad hoc basis) to guarantee that you’ll get the coverage you’ll need, when you need it.


#3: Customer service excellence is also a key contributor to partnering success. As you work through the process, gauge how easy communication feels between you and the vendor. Think about how easy it is to reach someone for questions. Also, consider how long it takes for you to get the answers you are seeking. All of these factors can help you pinpoint a firm that truly makes their customers a top priority.


#4: Finally, when sourcing paper shredding services in Chicago, look for a team that offers more than just documentation removal. A quality firm will offer a comprehensive portfolio of services such as plastic removal, scrap metal recycling and even e-data management to provide customers with one-stop strategies and solutions.


Want to hear more about Combined Resources, Inc. paper shredding services in Chicago? Contact us to learn more about our extensive capabilities and offerings.


Considering Paper Shredding In Chicago? Let CRI Break Down Popular Myths About This Process

Combined Resources, Inc., a provider of superior services for paper shredding in Chicago, breaks down popular myths about this process.

Popular Paper Shredding Myths Busted

Here at Combined Resources, Inc. we understand that our clients make safeguarding their customers’ critical information a top priority. Like most business owners, they protect client identities and sensitive information in a myriad of ways. They install state-of-the-art security systems to help them monitor their brick and mortar presence. They work with information technology specialists to install various software programs that can make online transactions as safe as possible for every client that purchases products and services from their website. Most importantly, they partner with Combined Resources, Inc., to help manage their needs for paper shredding in Chicago and throughout the Chicago region.


Combined Resource Inc. Understands Benefits Of Breaking Down Misinformation About Paper Shredding Chicago


If you are considering services for paper shredding in Chicago, it’s critical to know some of the most common myths and misconceptions that surround the process. At Combined Resources, Inc. we often consult with various partners searching for information about our superior paper shredding in Chicago. We work with them to break down some of the most popular misinformation surrounding this vital service. These myths include:


My business isn’t big enough: One of the most popular reasons that prospective partners offer for not using paper shredding in Chicago is that they believe that their business just isn’t big enough to warrant the service. Not true; at CRI we know that, no matter what the scope of your organization, safeguarding your clients’ relevant data and information should always be a top priority. That’s why we partner with our clients to create customized strategies for paper shredding in Chicago; you’ll get exactly what you need and will never worry about paying for services that you don’t.


It’s cheaper to purchase an onsite paper shredder: While it may seem like purchasing an onsite paper shredder will incur less cost, having your own shredder often does not offer return on investment over the long haul. Why? Because, more often than not, internal employees don’t utilize these onsite devices for document waste. Instead, they rip the documents in half several times and toss them into company trash bins.


No one will rummage through my business trash bins: Yes, they will. All too often, business owners assume that anything that winds up in trash bins will stay there. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Any type of documentation that is placed in your corporate trash bins can wind up fair game for hackers and thieves. Utilizing CRI’s professional services for paper shredding in Chicago means that you’ll never have to worry about outsiders accessing your company’s sensitive information.


Shredded documents can’t be recycled: Many entrepreneurs assume that shredded papers prove messy, hard to move, and ultimatly, a non-recyclable item. This is not true. At Combined Resources, Inc. we manage the entire process for your organization, from start to finish. This means that we will remove the sensitive documentation for you for professional shredding. From there we will recycle these papers safely. You can enjoy the ultimate peace of mind for both your company and your clients when working with us.


Want to learn more about our approach to paper shredding in Chicago? Contact Combined Resources, Inc. today!


Breaking It Down: What You Need To Know About Paper Recycling In Chicago

Looking To Go-Green With Your Business? Start With Paper Recycling In Chicago

Breaking It Down: What You Need To Know About Paper Recycling In Chicago

If you run a business, chances are, you’ve already embraced the importance of recycling on some level. For business owners in every industry and with organizations of every size and scope, implementing a corporate recycling strategy plays a key role in the impact a company makes in the environment on a global scale. By repurposing various items, executives have the ability to minimize the overall carbon footprint and keep operations running as green as possible.


Of course, here at Combined Resources Inc., we understand that an effective and efficient repurposing solution offers more than just greener operations; a successful strategy can also help business owners protect bottom line revenue. Rather than leaving waste in landfills, we help our executives implement a strategy that minimizes excess and can even help generate revenue for various items.


Paper Recycling In Chicago Business: A Breakdown Of Acceptable Materials


Implementing a process for paper recycling at Chicago businesses is a great way to begin a comprehensive go-green strategy. Virtually every business uses paper products of some sort. While many business owners do have a recycling bin placed somewhere onsite, it’s usually not enough to efficiently manage all the paper goods circulating throughout the organization.


A key reason why many organizations don’t offer enough bins? They simply don’t understand just how many recyclable papers they have within their company walls. At Combined Resources, we work with our clients to categorize various papers that may be in their organization. These items include:


High grade office papers: Almost every building has a stockpile of premium grade office papers of some sort. These higher grade office products make an excellent staple for many of our solutions for paper recycling in Chicago. White envelopes, higher stock stationary items, computer and even notebook papers all fall into this category and are easily repurposed for further use.


Lower grade stationary/mixed paper products: Beyond premium products, you may be surprised to find out how many lower grade paper products are strewn about your place of business. The biggest contributor to mixed papers? Junk mail. Each day, offices receive an endless pile of unsolicited catalogs, magazines and flyers. The good news? Most of these items don’t have to be thrown into the trash; simply remove product samples and plastics (staples and envelope windows are fine) from the items and they are ready for the recycling bin. Have newspapers lying around your office? Those can easily be recycled as well (including glossy flyers) after you’ve removed any plastic wraps.


Heavier stock paperboards/cardboards: Finally, durable papers such as paperboards and cardboards are a perfect addition to your paper recycling program. The general rule of thumb for these items is to remove plastics and liners as well as make sure there are no food stains or contaminants on the items before you place them in the bin.


Still have questions about paper recycling in Chicago? Contact Combined Resources today and learn more about our customized strategies and techniques.


Find Secure Shredding Services In Chicago At CRI

Chicago Shredding ServicesIt’s one of a Chicago company’s biggest concerns: what to do with sensitive, printed data once it’s no longer needed. Some businesses decide to buy a shredder and shred the materials themselves. Others either generate too much material to do this work themselves or want a more secure solution. Still others are required by government regulations to take specific shredding measures and feel the best way to obtain this compliance is to allow the professionals to handle it.

At CRI, we work with organizations of all sizes that need secure shredding services in Chicago. Our small, hands-on operation ensures your data is destroyed safely and securely by trusted professionals.

Why Shred?

Shredding is one of the best ways to protect your business from a data security breach. It should come as no surprise that dumpster diving is alive and well in Chicago. And it’s perfectly legal to do it. Personal and confidential data can be easily obtained by thieves this way if it is not 100% destroyed and you have no recourse against this theft. Personal shredders simply can’t guarantee the level of destruction needed to protect sensitive data. Shredded pages that have been tossed out in the trash can be reassembled by motivated criminals.

Disgruntled or unscrupulous employees have been known to steal confidential company data as well. It’s not uncommon for sensitive data to be under lock and key while in the office, but then simply get tossed in the trash when it’s not needed anymore. Anyone could grab that information and use it for their own purposes. Securing these types of confidential documents on-site in a locked “to be shredded” box and then having a document destruction service come in and destroy them is the best way to ensure that data never leaves your site intact.

Shredding might be required in your industry. Government regulations are forcing more and more businesses to be responsible for protecting their clients’ personal information. Shredding is the best way to ensure this protection.

Our shredding services in Chicago include free recycling of shredded documents. This helps reduce your company’s solid waste output and provides materials for reuse.

In short, shredding:

  • Prevents confidential data loss
  • Protects against identity theft
  • Enhances privacy protection
  • Improves legal compliance
  • Reduces your company’s environmental impact

What Makes CRI Document Destruction Secure?

The primary reason businesses and individuals shred documents is to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Shredding services like CRI use equipment that makes it impossible for a document to be reassembled, greatly reducing the chances of this data becoming stolen.

We have this function down to a science. Our customized shredding services in Chicago include the collection of sensitive data at your convenience. We will shred your documents and provide you with a certificate of destruction upon completion. This certificate is your insurance that the documents have been destroyed completely. It can also be used to prove to regulators or customers that the data has been destroyed in compliance with regulations.

And of course, our services are discreet and performed by highly-qualified and trained document destruction professionals.

CRI’s Paper Shredding Services In Chicago

If it’s made of paper, we can shred it. Books, banking information, certified documents, loose paper, confidential letters and more.

To learn more about our shredding services in Chicago, contact us at 630-916-1804. We would love to help you develop a shredding solution that reduces the amount of waste generated by your business and meets your document destruction needs at the same time.

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