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The Benefits Of Document Shredding and Recycling In your Chicago Business

chicago paper recycling oakbrookBenefits of Document Shredding & Recycling

Proper document shredding in Chicago businesses is more important than ever. One would think with all of our technology, identity and information theft would be less of a problem, but unfortunately there’s more of it than we’ve ever had.


Shredding And Recycling Your Business Documents Assures Your Business’ Safety


Identity and information theft is certainly on the rise, which means you need to hire a recycling and shredding company, like Combined Resources, that takes your shredding needs seriously. Your Chicago business needs a bonded, certified professional who will both shred and recycle your documents properly. This is not only an important for your environment, but it’s important for the safety of your clients, employees and customers. Here are 6 benefits of proper document shredding.


  1. Proper document shredding gives you the peace of mind to know that your information has been removed and recycled in the right way, without violating your customer’s, employees or your own privacy.


  1. Hiring a responsible third party paper shredder, like CRI, eliminates the need to buy a fancy and expensive paper-shredding machine, plus it takes the onus of shredding off our employees and leaves it to the professionals. This allows your employees to do what they were hired to do. It also gives your customers the peace of mind that their documents will be removed professionally, which ultimately builds trust between you, your clients and/or customers.


  1. Shredding and recycling your business documents keep papers out of landfills and filters them back into circulation. Office paper is one of the most prevalent materials in landfills today, and the sad part is it’s totally recyclable. This means we need to keep it out of out landfills and use it as a resource! You’re also keeping trees from being cut down for new paper products! This helps to maintain the balance of the environment.


  1. Shredding can make sure that you follow state or federally mandated privacy regulations. This goes hand in hand with hiring a professional who knows and understands these regulations and will shred your documents up to spec.


  1. Professional document shredding also keeps your unneeded paper from becoming a fire hazard in your office space. Eliminating the amount of unneeded paper makes your office that much safer.


  1. Document shredding in Chicago businesses is a selling point, because you can assure your customers that you are a low-waste business. Your customer base will appreciate what you’re doing to protect the environment while protecting their privacy as well. Not only can they rest assured that their private information will stay private, but their safely shredded information will be saving the environment rather than harming it. Showing your dedication to the environment we live in, it will speak volumes to potential clients and customers.


Doing Your Part For The Earth Doesn’t Have To Be A Hassle


Your commitment to the environment and keeping your employee and customer’s information safe doesn’t have to break the bank and it doesn’t have to be a unproductive for your workers. Hiring a paper shredding company can be affordable, ecological and time saving all in one.


Call or email the professionals at Chicago-based Combined Resources, Inc. for more information on how they can help you to safely and ecologically remove paper from your office space.


Why Professional Document Destruction In Chicago Is A Must

shredding services chicagoWhat do you think of when you consider document destruction? Perhaps you envision a man in a suit meticulously feeding one sheet of paper at a time into a paper shredder. While this may be the case in some offices, many businesses are going to a more advanced, more efficient solution for document destruction in Chicago. Paper recycling companies like Combined Resources offer professional document destruction in Chicago. In this review, we will discuss why professional paper shredding is a must for any organization.


#1 – Professional document destruction protects your company.

Companies that do not properly dispose of paper are putting themselves at a huge risk. Typically, documents that you are getting rid of have information on them that you would want to remain secure and confidential. The benefit of professional document destruction in Chicago is that it enables you to protect your company from information leaking. Do not take the chance of someone getting their hands on sensitive company information.


#2 – Professional document destruction protects your clients.

Not only do the papers you are disposing of contain sensitive information about your company, but they probably also contain private information about your clients. For example, you might have your clients’ names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, or account information indicated on documents. Your clients will appreciate the security and discretion provided by professional document destruction in Chicago.


#3 – Professional document destruction will save your company time and money.

Now that we have established that documents should be shredded for the protection of both you and your clients, let us look at the benefit of professional document shredding services over doing it yourself. Once again, let’s envision the man in the suit feeding one paper into the shredder at a time. When you think about how much time it would take one of your employees to shred your documents, you begin to realize the value of professional document destruction in Chicago. Not to mention, if you are paying that employee hourly, shredding documents yourselves is probably more expensive than professional document shredding.


#4 – Professional document destruction reduces your carbon footprint.

Another reason professional document destruction is a must is because it reduces your company’s carbon footprint. It is every company’s responsibility to be mindful of how we are impacting the environment. Most professional paper shredding companies recycle the paper once it is shredded, making your company more environmentally responsible.


#5 – Professional document destruction can be customized to your company’s unique needs.

As a small, hands-on business, Combined Resources specializes in customizing our services to each of our client’s specific needs. We will arrange a pick-up time and schedule that will work best for your company, even if that means evening or weekend pick-ups. Additionally, we offer financing options so that money does not stand in the way of your company benefiting from convenient document destruction in Chicago.


If you are interested in recycling or document destruction in Chicago, contact Combined Resources today for more information.


How Document Shredding In Chicago Can Improve Your Business

How Document Shredding In Chicago Can Improve Your Business

How Document Shredding Can Improve Your Business

Are you currently looking for ways to increase your operational efficiencies and reduce your overall carbon footprint? Combined Resources, Inc. a leading provider of waste recycling throughout the Chicago area can help. We often team with businesses of every size and scope for a professional consultation on how to improve their waste management processes in the most beneficial ways possible.


What’s the first step in virtually every company’s recycling strategy? Implementing a process for document shredding. Chicago business owners running organizations in every industry have teamed with us to learn firsthand the many benefits that our paper shredding services can deliver.


Key Advantages Of Document Shredding In Chicago


Don’t think that your organization can reap the many advantages offered by CRI’s services for document shredding in Chicago? Knowing some of the key benefits that our paper recycling capabilities offer our clients just may change your mind. When partnering with us to create a paper recycling plan for your organization, you’ll enjoy a wide range of advantages, including:


Customized strategies: Unlike other providers of document shredding in Chicago that offer one-size-fits-all waste management tactics, CRI provides customized solutions for our clients. We will partner with you to truly understand your specific recycling needs and create a personalized plan that best helps you achieve your waste management goals.


Reduced carbon footprint: Modern business owners understand that maintaining a minimized carbon footprint proves critical for an extensive range of reasons. Incorporating a customized strategy for document shredding in Chicago from CRI means that you’ll instantly reduce the environmental impact by ensuring that recyclable waste doesn’t unnecessarily end up in landfills for all of eternity. Additionally, using our services means that you’ll help reduce the amount of newly cut trees needed to keep up with paper supply demand.


Increase your reputation as a trustworthy organization: In today’s highly-competitive world, it’s important for business owners to successfully set themselves apart from other organizations in the same industry. Our capabilities for document shredding in Chicago can help you do just that. Many of our clients market their recycling processes to not only confirm their commitment to the environment, but to also demonstrate that they take their customers’ privacy very seriously. Knowing that their personal documentation is being properly disposed of can give your clients peace of mind.


Enhanced internal efficiency: Many business owners considering implementing document shredding within their companies initially contemplate using internal resources to manage their recycling process. However, they quickly realize that taking employees away from their primary tasks and responsibilities can prove both inefficient and costly. CRI specializes in document shredding in Chicago; when working with us you’ll never have to worry about purchasing expensive equipment and burdening your team with extra responsibilities. We provide everything needed so you and your staff can focus on what you do best…while we do what we do best.


If you would like more information on our approach to document shredding in Chicago, contact us today.

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