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Chicago Recycling Centers And E-Waste Disposal

Chicago Recycling Centers Make Electronics Recycling Easier

Since Illinois banned electronics from landfills, residents have struggled with what to do with their old pieces. As technology continues to advance, purchases are made to replace obsolete equipment, but what options do consumers have for disposing of that old equipment once it’s not longer useful to them?

Electronics Disposal Options

E-waste is a huge problem for businesses in Chicago. In addition to internal data security concerns and protocols, there is the bigger question of just what to do with all that old equipment. Electronics contain many metals, components, and chemicals that can cause environmental damage, which is why they cannot just be tossed in the dumpster anymore. But most businesses have neither the storage space nor the inclination to save every obsolete piece of equipment. Disposal options come down to:

  • Some retailers will accept a limited number of electronics for recycling, but not all electronics are accepted and there may be a limit as to the number of pieces the retailer will accept. It is also not practical for businesses to haul their old equipment to a retail drop-off location, which makes retailer-recycling services better suited to individual consumers.
  • Chicago Recycling Centers. Recycling centers fill a need for e-waste collection, disposal and recycling, but again, not every company will accept all types of electronics waste. Those that do accept electronics provide a great service to businesses by offering scheduled pick-ups, accepting materials at drop-off locations and continually adding new electronics to their list of accepted items.

Let Combined Resources Inc. Relieve You Of chicago recycling centersYour E-Waste

Combined Resources, Inc. is a Chicago recycling centers that accept many forms of e-waste for electronics recycling. We can manage any job, big or small, from a one-time pick-up of a few items to major IT asset disposition. We also offer hard-drive destruction to protect your data.

Depending on the electronics being disposed of, we may be able to find a reseller for the equipment, but in most cases we will work with our network to disassemble pieces, collect usable parts, and recycle non-usable parts.

Examples Of Electronics That Can Be Recycled

You may be surprised by what can be recycled these days. Not that many years ago there was not much that could be recycled when it came to electronics but as technology for new products advanced, so has end-of-life technology. Today we can recycle almost any type of electronic equipment including:

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Copiers
  • Televisions
  • Fax Machines
  • DVD Players and VCRs
  • Mice and Keyboards
  • Fans
  • Cell Phones
  • Gaming Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Speakers, Stereos, and Music Players
  • Cameras
  • Microwaves
  • Batteries
  • Cable boxes and Modems
  • Extension Cords and Chargers
  • Mainframes, Servers, and Data Center Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment and Machinery

Contact Combined Resources, Inc. For A Free E-Waste Audit

CRI can help you manage your electronic waste and work towards a zero percent landfill. Contact us at 855-782-8490 to schedule a free e-waste audit. We pride ourselves on our innovation and response to customer challenges so if you’ve had little success with other Chicago recycling centers, we may be just the solution you need.


How To Minimize Your Carbon Footprint By Using Recycling Companies In Chicago

metal recycling chicagoCombined Resources, Inc. is one of the leading recycling companies in Chicago, and we have recycling solutions for your business! No matter what your business’ waste needs are, our team can create personalized waste strategy solutions that fit your needs. A tip to help your business minimize its carbon footprint is to follow the well-known motto of the environmental movement: “reduce, reuse, recycle.”

Dispose Of Your Sensitive Work Documents Both Legally And Environmentally

Fortunately for our environment, recycling has become very popular in recent years. Everyone is concerned with the size of their carbon footprint, and is eager to learn tips to help them reduce their negative environmental impact. However, “going green” in your personal life is very different than “going green” in your business. At home you worry about the amount of electricity you are using and you make sure to throw your plastic bottles in the appropriate blue bin; but being environmentally conscious at your workplace is more complex. You have documents upon documents that often contain sensitive information that cannot be easily tossed in the recycling bin. You need a solution that helps you dispose of documentation legally and in an environmentally conscious way, as well as in a way that makes sense for the amount of waste you create.

Reducing, Reusing, And Recycling In The Workplace

Reduce. We live in an almost completely digitized society, which uses the Internet, email, and digital storage more than ever before. However, there is still a surprising amount of paper printed, especially in business settings. Encourage your office to reduce the amount of paper waste you produce by maximizing your use of electronics. Emailing reports prior to meetings, and allowing your team to bring tablets or other devices in to meetings, avoids the need to print more paper, but still allows everyone to access the information they need. Investing in a software system that allows you to keep digital records rather than paper files reduces the amount of paper you’ll need to discard or recycle. If you are transitioning from a paper system to a digital system, recycling companies in Chicago, like Combined Resources, Inc. can help you plan for proper shredding and recycling of your paper.

Reuse. When something breaks, the easiest solution is to simply replace it with a brand new version. However, this is not the most environmentally sound approach. Take the time to see if something can be fixed and reused, especially if it is an electronic device. Encourage your team to be resourceful and train them to recognize the value in reusing devices or items. Maybe even encourage your staff to bring in tumblers or thermoses, instead of just reaching for a plastic water bottle each time they need a drink.

Recycle. There are so many options and opportunities for recycling that there is really no excuse not to! There are many recycling companies in Chicago that can help create a waste management plan for both bigger business items, like printers and computers, as well as small items, such as plastic bottles and containers. Do you have recycling containers conveniently placed around the office for your employees to use? Do you have a container system in place for recycling waste toners and ink cartridges? Combined Resources, Inc. has a variety of services to help you with every kind of recycling: metal, paper, plastic, and even e-waste.

If you are interested in reducing the carbon footprint of your business, contact Combined Resources, Inc., one of the leading recycling companies in Chicago, and start working on a strategy that makes sense for you!


Recycling Is Easy When You Partner With A Recycling Center In Chicago

recycling center Chicago  The majority of companies in America partner with a recycling center. Early on in the recycling movement, the emphasis was on dividing the materials and collecting only paper. Today, recycling centers in Chicago collect much more.


While it’s great for the environment that people make the effort to recycle, the logistics can be off-putting. Companies think of recycling management as another utility cost that they could potentially do without. However, the amount of waste generated by one corporation can actually be reduced by including a recycling program. When a company recycles through a center, they may actually benefit financially.


Make Recycling Part Of Your Corporate Culture With Help From A Recycling Center In Chicago


Keep in mind that there are places that will work with you to collect and dispose of your recycling. Recycling centers exist all over, and there is likely one nearby your neighborhood. These are great places to check out.


Advantages of a recycling center:


  1. Recycling centers take more than just paper. Just about everyone knows to separate out paper or corrugated cardboard. However, there are even more materials that may be recycled. Metal, plastic, fluids, or electronics are all items that recycling centers will take.


  1. There is no waiting. At any time, your overflow can be picked up and removed from the premises. Some centers allow you to make arrangements for multiple pick-ups in a day.


  1. You may benefit financially. Some centers provide a small return on your deposit. There are opportunities to earn cash, gift cards, coupons or credits for some of your recycling materials. Materials such as aluminum or copper and items such as cell phones or computers will often bring cash back. The amount of return won’t add weight to your gross margin, but it may offset a few of the expenses that businesses incur for other, minor costs.


  1. They are well equipped to handle the volume. Many recycling centers have industrial machinery that sort and group the recyclables. No additional labor needs to be added to the roster. These facilities sometimes do the job of crushing, melting, or shredding so that they can recycle even more. You don’t have to worry about limits on your deposits.


  1. Help is just a phone call away. You may be recycling more than the average, and they can help guide you through developing a system to handle your recycling needs.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint And Move Towards Zero Waste With Help From A Recycling Center In Chicago


Stories exist of companies that have eliminated all paper and experience zero waste. However, the majority of businesses still need to keep papers. Having access to a recycling center can help those companies manage what can easily become a mountain of waste. With enough effort and support, your company could expand on your recycling efforts to reduce the company’s carbon footprint to a speck. Relying on a recycling center could make this goal into a reality.


To learn more about ways a recycling center could improve your recycling efforts, contact Combined Resources, Inc. at 855-782-8490.


10 Items Recycling Services In Chicago Will Accept

Recycling services Chicago  Chicago may require businesses and commercial establishments to recycle certain items, but did you know there’s so much more you can recycle? Today’s recycling services in Chicago will accept much more than the standard paper and aluminum cans. Here’s a look at 10 items recycling services in Chicago will accept and what they can be used for.


Top 10 Recyclable Items And Where They Go


  1. Aluminum. Once cleaned and processed, aluminum cans are typically melted down into solid metal blocks and used to manufacture new cans. Aluminum is one of those items that is a complete circle of recycling with the same material being used over and over again to make the same products.


  1. PET/PETE Bottles. PET/PETE bottles are identified with the recyclable number 1. PET/PETE plastics recycle well. The plastics can be reprocessed into flakes, which are then used to make many new things from new bottles to carpeting, clothing and even some types of insulation.


  1. Newspaper. Recycled newspaper is mostly used to make new newspaper, but it is also used to make cereal boxes, egg cartons, grocery bags, tissue paper, and more.


  1. Corrugated Cardboard. Corrugated cardboard has an over 90% recycle rate, according to the USEPA. Most of that comes from commercial locations, which means businesses are taking the lead in recycling this material. Recycled cardboard is used mostly to make new shipping boxes and paperboard products.


  1. Steel Cans. Unlike paper, which can only be recycled 5-7 times before the fibers give out, metal is infinitely recyclable. Steel is considered the world’s most recycled material and all steel sold today has been recycled at some point. Your steel can could have been a bridge, a refrigerator, or even a roof in its past life.


  1. HDPE Plastic Bottles. HDPE stands for “High density polyethylene” and is identified by the #2 on plastics. It’s used to contain cleaning and personal care products. HDPE is highly recyclable and can be turned into garbage bags, bins, and even plastic lumber.


  1. Glass Containers. Glass is another item that can be endlessly recycled without losing quality, but not all glass is the same. Glass containers are made up of different materials than glass windows and cannot be comingled. Glass containers are typically recycled back into more glass containers and fiberglass.


  1. Magazines. Magazines can be recycled and you don’t even have to remove bindings or staples from them before you toss them in the bin. They are not recycled into new magazines, however. Most end up as paperboard, stationary, printer paper, or newspaper.


  1. Mixed Paper. More than 5,000 products can be made using recycled paper. This includes masking tape, coffee filters, paper money, lampshades, egg cartons and much more.


  1. Electronics. Electronics like cell phones and computers are recycled for the materials they contain. Precious metals can be extracted and reused, saving companies from having to source raw materials. Steel, aluminum, and plastics can be recycled and turned into many new products. Even the batteries can be recycled.


Recycling Services In Chicago Help Make Old Products New Again


What’s old is made new again with recycling services in Chicago from Combined Resources Inc. As technology advances, more and more companies and consumers see the economic benefits of recycling and buying recycled products. And more and more waste products end up in the recycling bin. This is good news for businesses, consumers, and the planet.


To learn more about reducing your waste stream or our recycling services in Chicago, contact us today.


CRI: How Our Recycling Center In Chicago Makes Going Green Part Of Your Corporate Culture

CRI: How Our Recycling Center In Chicago Makes Going Green Part Of Your Corporate Culture

How to Make Going Green Part of Your Company Culture

As a business owner, you already know how important it is to stay environmentally conscious throughout your operations. Whatever the size and scope of your organization, going green can help you minimize your overall carbon footprint as well as streamline your operations for optimal proficiency. From paper shredding, to managing large quantities of scrap metals, there are a myriad of ways that your organization can leverage the significant benefits and advantages offered by recycling.


Common Reasons Why Some Business Owners Feel Reluctant To Embrace Recycling


Despite the many perks offered by recycling and other go-green initiatives, many business owners find themselves reluctant to truly embrace these environmentally friendly processes. Their reasons may vary based on their specific corporate operations; however, many entrepreneurs are hesitant about recycling for three very specific reasons:


Afraid of inconvenience: Perhaps the most popular reason organizations don’t recycle is concern over inconvenience. Busy entrepreneurs believe that, with everything going on internally, they simply don’t have the bandwidth necessary to adequately and efficiently manage the waste in their company.


Not enough space to store waste: Beyond inconvenience, many businesses, particularly smaller companies, feel that they don’t have the space needed to store their recyclable items for proper disposal.


Overwhelmed with the details: Finally, many entrepreneurs simply find themselves overwhelmed with the entire recycling process. Even with the best environmentally conscious intentions, they find themselves completely confused when trying to setup their own internal process for repurposing their waste. After several valiant attempts, they find themselves frustrated and ready to give up.


Combined Resources, Inc.: Leading Recycling Center In Chicago Offers Customized Solutions


If you’re currently considering ways to make your organization as green as possible, Combined Resources, Inc. can help. As a leading recycling center in Chicago, CRI proudly partners with all clients to help them not only feel comfortable about their go-green efforts, but also implement them throughout the company. When working with our recycling center in Chicago, we can go through each of the reasons you feel reluctant to go green, and help design a customized waste management strategy that you feel comfortable implementing within your facility.


The first issue our team will address is convenience. At CRI, customer convenience is our top priority. We consult with your organization to pinpoint exactly what will work for our pickup schedules so you can continue business as usual. We even offer emergency pickups so you never have to worry about waste bringing your operations to a halt.


Additionally, when working with us, we can also help you manage the amount of storage space you’ll need for waste. We provide the right bins and receptacles based on your needs so you won’t have to designate other internal areas to collect your trash. Beyond created customized waste management solutions, we also monitor how efficient the pickup schedule is so we can adjust and modify as needed, to keep your facility as waste free as possible at all times.


When working with CRI’s recycling, we effectively take all of the guesswork out of the entire process. Not only do we effectively manage the process from start to finish, but we can also train your internal staff so they feel completely comfortable with your newly implemented solution. For more information about our leading recycling center in Chicago, contact CRI today!


How Our Services Stand Out From Other Chicago Recycling Centers

How Our Services Stand Out From Other Chicago Recycling CentersAt Combined Resources, Inc., we understand that when it comes to finding Chicago recycling centers to help manage your corporate waste needs, you have always have options. That’s why we offer an unparalleled and comprehensive portfolio of recycling management capabilities. It’s our goal to ensure that CRI stands out from other Chicago recycling centers as the only choice to help manage your corporate needs.


Chicago Recycling Centers — Key Differentiators That Set CRI Apart


What makes Combined Resources, Inc. one of the region’s leading Chicago recycling centers? When working with us, you’ll enjoy an impressive range of features and benefits, such as:


Expert consultation services: At CRI, you’ll never have to worry about feeling like just a number; we understand that every business is its own unique entity and we treat it as such. Throughout our professional partnership, we will consult with your organization to outline exactly what you can expect from recycling, the many benefits that come from effectively managing your internal waste, and how to use our services to help streamline your corporate operations for optimal efficiency.


Unparalleled processing capabilities: Unlike other Chicago recycling centers that only offer a limited range of processing capabilities, Combined Resources, Inc. proudly offers our clients over 70 different grades of recyclable materials. The result? No matter what type of waste management needs you have, our team of experts can help.


Freight management capabilities: Worried that you’ll partner with a Chicago recycling center that can’t manage the bulk of your waste? Not with CRI. We provide a complete in-house fleet of transportation equipment and resources to ensure that we can handle even the biggest type of waste shipments for our partners.


Training on material grading for optimal recycling value: As part of our professional partnership, the team at CRI will work closely with your employees to train them on the how to recognize various types of recyclables. Our training can help guarantee that your staff knows how to maximize the value of your recycling materials.


Extensive network as part of our brokerage services: While many Chicago recycling centers offer various waste management services, few offer the superior broker capabilities that CRI does. We have a valued network of end users that we can quickly connect our partners with to ensure our clients receive fair market value on their recyclable materials from our list of trusted contacts.


Other Important Factors That Help Us Outshine The Competition


Beyond our unparalleled service capabilities, clients partnering with Combined Resources, Inc. also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are entrusting their business to an established and professional recycling center. For almost 30 years, we have worked hard to establish ourselves as a leading industry innovator with a strong customer service focus. Best of all, working with CRI means that you are teaming with a financially stable firm. Our 0% debt means that we are in the best position possible to optimize efforts for our clients.


Contact Combined Resources to hear for yourself why CRI is a leading recycling firm in Chicago.


Turn Cans Into Cash By Recycling Scrap Metal In Chicago

Turn Cans Into Cash By Recycling Scrap Metal In Chicago

Recycling Scrap Metal in Chicago

As a business owner, trash disposal is an operating cost that you can reduce by recycling. The cans of soft drinks, juice, and tea that your employees drink on breaks and lunches can translate to revenue when you send your scrap metal to Chicago waste recycler Combined Resources, Inc. In addition to lessening disposal costs, having a corporate can recycling program will keep usable material out of landfills and allow it to be reused in new manufacture. Old aluminum cans are used to produce new containers, window frames and gutters, while steel scraps might be used for making new cans, steel beams, bicycles, and other products.


Why Corporate Can Recycling?


There are many good reasons to initiate a corporate recycling program, which starts with turning waste into cash. Some companies get their employees involved in researching and setting up a recycling program for not only cans, but also newspaper, office paper, plastic, and packaging materials. The proceeds from recycling might be put into a worker committee fund that handles picnics, company parties, and employee rewards. This is the type of program that employees are often happy to support.


In some cities where recycling is mandated by law, having can disposal on-site is convenient for employees who might otherwise carry home their cans in an effort to support the recycling effort. When a deposit applies, people would be donating their deposit in addition to the scrap metal; the rewards paid back to the company would include both the value of the metal plus part of the deposits, which could increase the employee picnic fund.


Reusing Scrap Metal In Chicago And Beyond


Of course, if you are a manufacturer who uses metals in your product or process, your purchasing department might initiate an effort to sell scrap metal in Chicago and arrange for recycling of usable waste from production processes. The revenue your company receives from this effort can offset raw material costs and reduce what you pay for dumpster rental each month.


Economic incentives aside, thinking of ways to renew and reuse resources is important in our world today. Most companies attempt to educate their workers to conserve energy and materials to trim production and service delivery costs and bolster their bottom line; encouraging everyone to work together to make a contribution that will help society is a logical next step. An environmentally responsible focus will increase your company’s credibility as a firm that thinks responsibly and “green.”


CRI Wants To Do Business With You


If you are interested in learning more about how your company can put waste to good use, Combined Resources can enlighten you about how to set up company recycling efforts for newspaper, plastic, and scrap metal in Chicago and beyond. Founded in Chicago in 1986, we have additional facilities in Nashville, TN and San Antonio, TX to handle recycling services for North America and five other continents. We manage over 70 grades of recyclable material and are equipped to discuss environmentally sound uses for whatever waste your company generates. For information contact us today.

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