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3 Things Your Company Should Know About Chicago Paper Recycling

Commercial recycling can be very inconvenient, which is a big obstacle for many companies. Recycling in your personal life is fairly simple. You have a blue bin dedicated to recyclables and you put the bin out on your driveway once a week to be collected. In Chicago paper recycling at your workplace can be much more complex, however itpaper recycling chicago does not have to be.

Creating A Recycling Plan For Your Business

Creating a recycling plan for your business often incorporates different waste elements to consider, and on a much larger scale. Also, Chicago paper recycling companies often pick up waste on a fixed schedule, which can be inconvenient and expensive for your unique situation. This can make you want to forget the whole “green movement” all together! The following are 3 ways to help make paper recycling easier and more effective in the workplace.

  1. Create A Plan That Works For You

One of the major downfalls of recycling companies is that they are often very stringent and inflexible about retrieving recyclables. They usually pick up recyclables on a strict schedule, no matter how much you have accumulated in that time, and bill you accordingly. This one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work. The good news is that’s not your only option! Certain recycling companies, like Combined Resources, Inc., are passionate about customizing a strategic waste plan specifically for your company. Their hands-on executive team works closely with partners to create a personalized plan to streamline retrieval and reduce your negative environmental impact. They also work with your schedule by offering day, night, and weekend pickup times to accommodate your specific needs.

  1. Different Options Are Available

The other reason that the one-size-fits-all approach to waste management doesn’t work, is because most companies don’t consider the unique amount and type of waste your company specifically produces. This is often counter-productive considering that businesses vary significantly in the amount and types of waste they produce. You want to choose a company that can accommodate the needs of your specific business. For example, some companies don’t have an option for businesses to shred sensitive documentation as well as recycle; you have to choose one or the other. Combined Resources, Inc. offers the ability to recycle your metals, papers, and plastics, as well the ability to properly shred/destroy documentation prior to recycling. Don’t settle for a company that can’t fully meet your needs!

  1. Impact On The Environment

Recycling has become a major trend, and this is both good and bad. The problem is that we are bombarded by “green” messages and propaganda that have little information or substance. This can make us lose sight of the enormous impact recycling has on the environment. When we recycle in the workplace and we’re conscious of our business’ carbon footprint, we are being good stewards of the earth’s resources. For every ton of paper our businesses recycle, we save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, 3 cubic yards of landfill space, and 7,000 gallons of water!

If you are interested in doing your part, as a business, to help the environment, contact Combined Resources, Inc. today and find out what they can do for you.


What Your Business Needs To Know About Cardboard Recycling in Chicago

cardboard recycling in chicagoIt’s becoming more and more common to see cardboard recycling in Chicago businesses, but do we really know the facts about cardboard recycling and what happens after the recycling process? Here are some facts you may not know about your cardboard recycling.

A Lot Happens After You Put That Box In The Recycling Bin

So, your business has started recycling, good for you! Combined Resources can help you with the “nuts and bolts” part of recycling, but what about impact and the process of recycling? Why is recycling so important and what really happens to our cardboard garbage after we drop it in the bin? Here are some facts and a run-down of what happens to your cardboard.

Facts About Cardboard Recycling

  • When you use old cardboard, it takes 30 to 50 percent less energy to recycle the cardboard than it does when you make it from trees.
  • Recycling reduces pollution by 95 percent compared to cardboard made with trees. Try this recycling calculator to find your recycling ratio.
  • It will extend the life of our landfills exponentially, because 40 percent of the refuse in landfills is cardboard and paper.
  • Corrugated cardboard is recycled into cereal boxes, food boxes and back into cardboard.

The Process Doesn’t Stop Here

While these facts are interesting, it doesn’t explain how the cardboard recycling process works. When you participate in cardboard recycling in Chicago, you’re not only extending the life of Illinois’ landfills, but you’re adding to the state’s economy as well. Here is a brief overview of how cardboard recycling works.

How Cardboard Recycling Works

CRI puts out bins, which are collected, sorted and baled. They are then transported to a recycling plant. You can help this process by keeping your cardboard dry and free of dirt and oils. Oily, dirty cardboard can’t be recycled, so you need to find another home for your breakroom pizza boxes.

Once it’s sorted and sent to the paper factory, the paper is mixed with water in a huge blender. The blender mixes the paper into pulp and separates the paper fibers. The blender also de-inks any printed cardboard. The pulp is sent through several screens, which separates our fibers, but also weeds out stray paper clips, staples and such.

The clean pulp is then mixed with a small amount of new wood pulp to make the cardboard stronger. The clean, mixed pulp is then pressed into forms or sheets, and then dried. Voila, new, recycled cardboard is made!

Your Cardboard Isn’t The Only Revitalized Element

This begins the new life of your cardboard box. This isn’t the only thing that begins; a whole new industry has been based around the collection and reprocessing of paper products and other products. This creates jobs in both Illinois and Chicago itself, which in turn puts more money back into the city and state you love. This is big news for business owners, because that means that money is likely to recycle right back into their businesses. It’s a win-win-win situation, for cardboard recycling Chicago workers, your business and for mother Earth.

To learn more about cardboard recycling in your workplace, contact Combined Resources, Inc. at 855-782-8490. Learn more about our cardboard recycling services, here.


The Benefits Of Document Shredding and Recycling In your Chicago Business

chicago paper recycling oakbrookBenefits of Document Shredding & Recycling

Proper document shredding in Chicago businesses is more important than ever. One would think with all of our technology, identity and information theft would be less of a problem, but unfortunately there’s more of it than we’ve ever had.


Shredding And Recycling Your Business Documents Assures Your Business’ Safety


Identity and information theft is certainly on the rise, which means you need to hire a recycling and shredding company, like Combined Resources, that takes your shredding needs seriously. Your Chicago business needs a bonded, certified professional who will both shred and recycle your documents properly. This is not only an important for your environment, but it’s important for the safety of your clients, employees and customers. Here are 6 benefits of proper document shredding.


  1. Proper document shredding gives you the peace of mind to know that your information has been removed and recycled in the right way, without violating your customer’s, employees or your own privacy.


  1. Hiring a responsible third party paper shredder, like CRI, eliminates the need to buy a fancy and expensive paper-shredding machine, plus it takes the onus of shredding off our employees and leaves it to the professionals. This allows your employees to do what they were hired to do. It also gives your customers the peace of mind that their documents will be removed professionally, which ultimately builds trust between you, your clients and/or customers.


  1. Shredding and recycling your business documents keep papers out of landfills and filters them back into circulation. Office paper is one of the most prevalent materials in landfills today, and the sad part is it’s totally recyclable. This means we need to keep it out of out landfills and use it as a resource! You’re also keeping trees from being cut down for new paper products! This helps to maintain the balance of the environment.


  1. Shredding can make sure that you follow state or federally mandated privacy regulations. This goes hand in hand with hiring a professional who knows and understands these regulations and will shred your documents up to spec.


  1. Professional document shredding also keeps your unneeded paper from becoming a fire hazard in your office space. Eliminating the amount of unneeded paper makes your office that much safer.


  1. Document shredding in Chicago businesses is a selling point, because you can assure your customers that you are a low-waste business. Your customer base will appreciate what you’re doing to protect the environment while protecting their privacy as well. Not only can they rest assured that their private information will stay private, but their safely shredded information will be saving the environment rather than harming it. Showing your dedication to the environment we live in, it will speak volumes to potential clients and customers.


Doing Your Part For The Earth Doesn’t Have To Be A Hassle


Your commitment to the environment and keeping your employee and customer’s information safe doesn’t have to break the bank and it doesn’t have to be a unproductive for your workers. Hiring a paper shredding company can be affordable, ecological and time saving all in one.


Call or email the professionals at Chicago-based Combined Resources, Inc. for more information on how they can help you to safely and ecologically remove paper from your office space.


Recycling Is Easy When You Partner With A Recycling Center In Chicago

recycling center Chicago  The majority of companies in America partner with a recycling center. Early on in the recycling movement, the emphasis was on dividing the materials and collecting only paper. Today, recycling centers in Chicago collect much more.


While it’s great for the environment that people make the effort to recycle, the logistics can be off-putting. Companies think of recycling management as another utility cost that they could potentially do without. However, the amount of waste generated by one corporation can actually be reduced by including a recycling program. When a company recycles through a center, they may actually benefit financially.


Make Recycling Part Of Your Corporate Culture With Help From A Recycling Center In Chicago


Keep in mind that there are places that will work with you to collect and dispose of your recycling. Recycling centers exist all over, and there is likely one nearby your neighborhood. These are great places to check out.


Advantages of a recycling center:


  1. Recycling centers take more than just paper. Just about everyone knows to separate out paper or corrugated cardboard. However, there are even more materials that may be recycled. Metal, plastic, fluids, or electronics are all items that recycling centers will take.


  1. There is no waiting. At any time, your overflow can be picked up and removed from the premises. Some centers allow you to make arrangements for multiple pick-ups in a day.


  1. You may benefit financially. Some centers provide a small return on your deposit. There are opportunities to earn cash, gift cards, coupons or credits for some of your recycling materials. Materials such as aluminum or copper and items such as cell phones or computers will often bring cash back. The amount of return won’t add weight to your gross margin, but it may offset a few of the expenses that businesses incur for other, minor costs.


  1. They are well equipped to handle the volume. Many recycling centers have industrial machinery that sort and group the recyclables. No additional labor needs to be added to the roster. These facilities sometimes do the job of crushing, melting, or shredding so that they can recycle even more. You don’t have to worry about limits on your deposits.


  1. Help is just a phone call away. You may be recycling more than the average, and they can help guide you through developing a system to handle your recycling needs.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint And Move Towards Zero Waste With Help From A Recycling Center In Chicago


Stories exist of companies that have eliminated all paper and experience zero waste. However, the majority of businesses still need to keep papers. Having access to a recycling center can help those companies manage what can easily become a mountain of waste. With enough effort and support, your company could expand on your recycling efforts to reduce the company’s carbon footprint to a speck. Relying on a recycling center could make this goal into a reality.


To learn more about ways a recycling center could improve your recycling efforts, contact Combined Resources, Inc. at 855-782-8490.


How To Start A Program On Paper Recycling In Chicago Businesses

Paper Recycling Chicago

How to Start a Paper Recycling Program

Paper is one of the most commonly recycled items in municipal waste streams. It’s used everywhere from newspapers, books, and magazines to food boxes and shipping containers. It’s because of this widespread use that paper recycling in Chicago offers the most opportunity for participation. If your business isn’t recycling paper, we’ve got some tips to get a program started.


Throw Out Your Old Misconceptions About Paper Recycling In Chicago


One reason that paper recycling may be struggling at your workplace could have to do with old misconceptions. Way back when paper recycling in Chicago first started, we were pretty limited on what could be recycled. It was newspaper and not much else. Well, the times have changed. As you can see from the list below, almost anything that has been made from wood pulp can now be tossed in the recycling bin.


Types Of Paper That Can Be Recycled:

  • Newspaper
  • Mixed papers
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Fiberboard
  • Magazines
  • Catalogues
  • Office papers
  • Paperboard
  • Paper cardboard and juice containers
  • Junk mail
  • Phone books


Another reason that paper recycling may not be popular in the workplace could be attributed to the success of recycling programs in general and the “someone else will take care of it” mentality. We have become so used to recycling that we take it for granted and sometimes assume our own little workplace can’t make that much of a difference. If this sounds familiar you couldn’t be more wrong. Even with the rise in electronic communication, we still use a lot of paper – about 69 million tons every year, according to the EPA. Of that, only about 65% is recycled. There is always room for improvement.


Starting A Recycling Program At The Workplace


Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting a recycling program started in your workplace:


  1. Obtain approvals from management. The program won’t go anywhere if it’s ignored or actively discouraged by management. For something that affects the entire organization like recycling, you need to get management on board with the plan before you start collecting recyclables.
  2. Conduct a recycling audit. This is where you identify recyclable materials and analyze their quality. Items to be recycled should be free of contamination, present in sufficient quantities to make a recycling program worthwhile, and easily separated from other materials.
  3. Talk to your waste hauler or identify a recycling center like Combined Resources, Inc. that will pick up your recyclables. Ask about their programs and options for recycling and get some cost estimates.
  4. Analyze the costs of starting a program. Very few businesses will start a new program if the costs exceed the benefits. This is where it becomes important to have recyclables in sufficient quantities. Costs can be lowered by decreasing the frequency of pick-ups and ensuring you have a good quantity of materials available for pick up. Very small businesses may want to arrange a pick-up on call service so the hauler only picks up the recycling when you call to tell them you’re ready.
  5. Plan collection procedures. Once you have the go ahead to get the program up and running, figure out how you’re going to collect recyclables. How and where will they be collected? Who will empty the containers? Where will they be stored until collection day?
  6. Spread the word. Make sure to get the word out that a new recycling program is starting. Talk it up, be clear about the procedures, and be prepared to answer questions.
  7. Measure results. There’s nothing like solid numbers to demonstrate the impact a recycling program is having on the workplace. Keep track of how much is being recycled. How many bins are used on each floor/department/desk? Have you noticed a decrease in bags going to the trash bins? Do you have as much to recycle as you thought? Have you identified new recyclables to add to the program?


To learn more about starting a recycling program in the workplace, contact Combined Resources, Inc. at 855-782-8490. Learn more about our paper recycling services, here.


CRI: How Our Recycling Center In Chicago Makes Going Green Part Of Your Corporate Culture

CRI: How Our Recycling Center In Chicago Makes Going Green Part Of Your Corporate Culture

How to Make Going Green Part of Your Company Culture

As a business owner, you already know how important it is to stay environmentally conscious throughout your operations. Whatever the size and scope of your organization, going green can help you minimize your overall carbon footprint as well as streamline your operations for optimal proficiency. From paper shredding, to managing large quantities of scrap metals, there are a myriad of ways that your organization can leverage the significant benefits and advantages offered by recycling.


Common Reasons Why Some Business Owners Feel Reluctant To Embrace Recycling


Despite the many perks offered by recycling and other go-green initiatives, many business owners find themselves reluctant to truly embrace these environmentally friendly processes. Their reasons may vary based on their specific corporate operations; however, many entrepreneurs are hesitant about recycling for three very specific reasons:


Afraid of inconvenience: Perhaps the most popular reason organizations don’t recycle is concern over inconvenience. Busy entrepreneurs believe that, with everything going on internally, they simply don’t have the bandwidth necessary to adequately and efficiently manage the waste in their company.


Not enough space to store waste: Beyond inconvenience, many businesses, particularly smaller companies, feel that they don’t have the space needed to store their recyclable items for proper disposal.


Overwhelmed with the details: Finally, many entrepreneurs simply find themselves overwhelmed with the entire recycling process. Even with the best environmentally conscious intentions, they find themselves completely confused when trying to setup their own internal process for repurposing their waste. After several valiant attempts, they find themselves frustrated and ready to give up.


Combined Resources, Inc.: Leading Recycling Center In Chicago Offers Customized Solutions


If you’re currently considering ways to make your organization as green as possible, Combined Resources, Inc. can help. As a leading recycling center in Chicago, CRI proudly partners with all clients to help them not only feel comfortable about their go-green efforts, but also implement them throughout the company. When working with our recycling center in Chicago, we can go through each of the reasons you feel reluctant to go green, and help design a customized waste management strategy that you feel comfortable implementing within your facility.


The first issue our team will address is convenience. At CRI, customer convenience is our top priority. We consult with your organization to pinpoint exactly what will work for our pickup schedules so you can continue business as usual. We even offer emergency pickups so you never have to worry about waste bringing your operations to a halt.


Additionally, when working with us, we can also help you manage the amount of storage space you’ll need for waste. We provide the right bins and receptacles based on your needs so you won’t have to designate other internal areas to collect your trash. Beyond created customized waste management solutions, we also monitor how efficient the pickup schedule is so we can adjust and modify as needed, to keep your facility as waste free as possible at all times.


When working with CRI’s recycling, we effectively take all of the guesswork out of the entire process. Not only do we effectively manage the process from start to finish, but we can also train your internal staff so they feel completely comfortable with your newly implemented solution. For more information about our leading recycling center in Chicago, contact CRI today!


Looking To Go-Green With Your Business? Start With Paper Recycling In Chicago

Looking To Go-Green With Your Business? Start With Paper Recycling In ChicagoHere at Combined Resources, Inc., we often partner with business owners who are looking to enhance their go-green operational efforts and minimize their overall global footprint. For our clients, keeping a steady focus on the health of the environment is a top priority. They come to CRI looking for a personalized approach to help their Chicago businesses streamline their recycling efforts to ensure they are doing their part for the environment.


At CRI, our team of recycling experts partners with our clients throughout the process to gain a firm understanding of their specific operational functions. Once we have this insight into a business’ operational methods, we can best prepare a customized plan of action for recycling and repurposing moving forward. What’s an effective and efficient way for many of our clients to begin their go-green efforts? A customized solution for paper recycling in Chicago.


Implementing A Customized Solution For Paper Recycling In Chicago


Why do we often suggest paper recycling to Chicago businesses as a great first step in being as environmentally friendly as possible? Because successfully implementing this efficient program is an easy and straightforward process. Most importantly, starting with paper recycling in Chicago can help create a foundation for additional waste management methods in the future.


When working with CRI for your business’ personalized strategy for paper recycling in Chicago, you’ll enjoy an extensive range of customized services and solutions based on your company’s specific needs. Our team of waste management professionals will create a comprehensive plan of action to ensure that your paper recycling efforts move forward as seamlessly and expediently as possible. From distributing recycling bins throughout the office, to scheduling convenient pickup times, CRI will help your business implement a convenient and stress-free process for paper recycling in Chicago from start to finish.


Paper Recycling In Chicago Delivers An Extensive Range Of Corporate Benefits


Of course, ease of implementation isn’t the only benefit paper recycling in Chicago offers business owners. Including paper recycling as a core function within your business operations also yields an impressive range of eco-friendly benefits that simply can’t be ignored. First and foremost, recycling your company paper and cardboard products means that they will get repurposed and not spend an eternity in a dump or landfill. Additionally, it’s no secret that, over time, trash can emit harmful gasses into the environment; repurposing your paper items not only helps save space in landfills, it also ensures that these paper products will not emit gasses into the atmosphere.


Also, most of our clients are surprised that incorporating a recycling process within their organization can actually prove a major corporate differentiator that separates their business from the competition. Modern consumers are environmentally conscious consumers; they are continuously looking to work with organizations that make minimizing their carbon footprint a top priority. Incorporating various recycling solutions from CRI can help you prove to your customers that you take your responsibility to the environment as seriously as they do.


Want to learn more about our distinctive approach to paper recycling in Chicago? Contact us today.

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