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3 Things Your Company Should Know About Chicago Paper Recycling

Commercial recycling can be very inconvenient, which is a big obstacle for many companies. Recycling in your personal life is fairly simple. You have a blue bin dedicated to recyclables and you put the bin out on your driveway once a week to be collected. In Chicago paper recycling at your workplace can be much more complex, however itpaper recycling chicago does not have to be.

Creating A Recycling Plan For Your Business

Creating a recycling plan for your business often incorporates different waste elements to consider, and on a much larger scale. Also, Chicago paper recycling companies often pick up waste on a fixed schedule, which can be inconvenient and expensive for your unique situation. This can make you want to forget the whole “green movement” all together! The following are 3 ways to help make paper recycling easier and more effective in the workplace.

  1. Create A Plan That Works For You

One of the major downfalls of recycling companies is that they are often very stringent and inflexible about retrieving recyclables. They usually pick up recyclables on a strict schedule, no matter how much you have accumulated in that time, and bill you accordingly. This one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work. The good news is that’s not your only option! Certain recycling companies, like Combined Resources, Inc., are passionate about customizing a strategic waste plan specifically for your company. Their hands-on executive team works closely with partners to create a personalized plan to streamline retrieval and reduce your negative environmental impact. They also work with your schedule by offering day, night, and weekend pickup times to accommodate your specific needs.

  1. Different Options Are Available

The other reason that the one-size-fits-all approach to waste management doesn’t work, is because most companies don’t consider the unique amount and type of waste your company specifically produces. This is often counter-productive considering that businesses vary significantly in the amount and types of waste they produce. You want to choose a company that can accommodate the needs of your specific business. For example, some companies don’t have an option for businesses to shred sensitive documentation as well as recycle; you have to choose one or the other. Combined Resources, Inc. offers the ability to recycle your metals, papers, and plastics, as well the ability to properly shred/destroy documentation prior to recycling. Don’t settle for a company that can’t fully meet your needs!

  1. Impact On The Environment

Recycling has become a major trend, and this is both good and bad. The problem is that we are bombarded by “green” messages and propaganda that have little information or substance. This can make us lose sight of the enormous impact recycling has on the environment. When we recycle in the workplace and we’re conscious of our business’ carbon footprint, we are being good stewards of the earth’s resources. For every ton of paper our businesses recycle, we save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, 3 cubic yards of landfill space, and 7,000 gallons of water!

If you are interested in doing your part, as a business, to help the environment, contact Combined Resources, Inc. today and find out what they can do for you.


What Your Business Needs To Know About Cardboard Recycling in Chicago

cardboard recycling in chicagoIt’s becoming more and more common to see cardboard recycling in Chicago businesses, but do we really know the facts about cardboard recycling and what happens after the recycling process? Here are some facts you may not know about your cardboard recycling.

A Lot Happens After You Put That Box In The Recycling Bin

So, your business has started recycling, good for you! Combined Resources can help you with the “nuts and bolts” part of recycling, but what about impact and the process of recycling? Why is recycling so important and what really happens to our cardboard garbage after we drop it in the bin? Here are some facts and a run-down of what happens to your cardboard.

Facts About Cardboard Recycling

  • When you use old cardboard, it takes 30 to 50 percent less energy to recycle the cardboard than it does when you make it from trees.
  • Recycling reduces pollution by 95 percent compared to cardboard made with trees. Try this recycling calculator to find your recycling ratio.
  • It will extend the life of our landfills exponentially, because 40 percent of the refuse in landfills is cardboard and paper.
  • Corrugated cardboard is recycled into cereal boxes, food boxes and back into cardboard.

The Process Doesn’t Stop Here

While these facts are interesting, it doesn’t explain how the cardboard recycling process works. When you participate in cardboard recycling in Chicago, you’re not only extending the life of Illinois’ landfills, but you’re adding to the state’s economy as well. Here is a brief overview of how cardboard recycling works.

How Cardboard Recycling Works

CRI puts out bins, which are collected, sorted and baled. They are then transported to a recycling plant. You can help this process by keeping your cardboard dry and free of dirt and oils. Oily, dirty cardboard can’t be recycled, so you need to find another home for your breakroom pizza boxes.

Once it’s sorted and sent to the paper factory, the paper is mixed with water in a huge blender. The blender mixes the paper into pulp and separates the paper fibers. The blender also de-inks any printed cardboard. The pulp is sent through several screens, which separates our fibers, but also weeds out stray paper clips, staples and such.

The clean pulp is then mixed with a small amount of new wood pulp to make the cardboard stronger. The clean, mixed pulp is then pressed into forms or sheets, and then dried. Voila, new, recycled cardboard is made!

Your Cardboard Isn’t The Only Revitalized Element

This begins the new life of your cardboard box. This isn’t the only thing that begins; a whole new industry has been based around the collection and reprocessing of paper products and other products. This creates jobs in both Illinois and Chicago itself, which in turn puts more money back into the city and state you love. This is big news for business owners, because that means that money is likely to recycle right back into their businesses. It’s a win-win-win situation, for cardboard recycling Chicago workers, your business and for mother Earth.

To learn more about cardboard recycling in your workplace, contact Combined Resources, Inc. at 855-782-8490. Learn more about our cardboard recycling services, here.


CRI: Helping Your Business Go Beyond Paper With Strategies For Cardboard Recycling in Chicago

CRI: Helping Your Business Go Beyond Paper With Strategies For Cardboard Recycling in Chicago

Go Beyond Paper: Developing Cardboard Recycling Strategies

As a leading Chicago recycling center, the team at Combined Resources, Inc. partners with businesses of every size and scope, and in every industry, to create customized strategies and solutions. One of our most popular services: Our paper recycling initiatives. At Combined Resources, Inc. we can take the paper and documentation influx of any sized organization and implement a removal process that protects private information and yields results.


Paper Recycling In Chicago Yields An Extensive Range of Corporate Benefits


While our clients are never surprised by our paper management strategies, many of them don’t realize that we also include cardboard recycling in Chicago as part of our comprehensive range of service options. Here at CRI, we know that recycling cardboard can prove a vital component in any of our waste management solutions. Including our strategies for cardboard recycling in Chicago can yield an extensive range of corporate benefits for any organization, such as:


Minimizing waste: Businesses in every industry may not even realize the flood of cardboard waste they have onsite at their facility. From shipping and receiving packages right down to the individual food orders of employees, you probably have a mountain of heavy paper waste onsite. Working with CRI to help manage these materials can instantly minimize the waste produced at your organization.


Saving trees: Cardboard, much like its paper brethren, is made out of wood pulp. By incorporating a solution for cardboard recycling in Chicago, you are saving trees needed to make new boxes and minimize your overall carbon footprint.


Conserving water and energy: Minimizing the need for trees to be cut down isn’t the only way your company will be doing its part for the environment. Creating a new cardboard box also requires a litany of steps that tap into various natural resources, such as water and energy. Yes, repurposing the items collected from your implementing cardboard recycling process will also use natural resources; however, the overall impact is less than creating an entirely new box while the old one spends eternity in a landfill.


Business differentiator: Most importantly, recycling is not only good for the environment, it can also prove a relevant business differentiator. When working with us for a customized solution for cardboard recycling in Chicago, you’ll be able to let your clients know that you are a company dedicated to doing what’s right for the environment.


Combined Resources, Inc.: Helping Educate Your Team For Optimal Recycling Success


When partnering with CRI, we will work closely with your team to ensure every employee is well educated in the newly implemented process. Our team of experts can help your staff identify the different types of cardboard for optimal repurposing. Additionally, the waste management team at CRI can also educate your team on how to handle cardboard waste to ensure all pieces eligible for recycling make it to the easy-to-find, designated bins.


Contact us today to hear more about our customized strategies for cardboard recycling in Chicago.


Beyond Paper & Cardboard Recycling In Chicago: Adding Document Shredding To Your Routine

Chicago Cardboard recyclingHere at CRI, as a leading provider of paper and cardboard recycling in Chicago, we partner with clients in a wide range of industries. From homeowners looking to minimize their overall carbon footprint, to business owners looking to remain as environmentally friendly as possible, our metal, paper and cardboard recycling in Chicago provides an ideal solution for an extensive range of needs and requirements.

Document Shredding Makes Sense For Businesses And Homeowners Alike

While, it’s true, many home and business owners throughout the region utilize our paper and cardboard recycling services in Chicago, the team at CRI understands that there’s one critical service that often gets overlooked by our clients, at least initially: document shredding. Some business owners assume that document shredding services are reserved for larger organizations, and these smaller companies believe that it’s in their best interest to manage their shredding needs internally. Likewise, homeowners often assume that outsourcing their shredding needs isn’t necessary. They believe that it’s better to attempt to manage the influx of personal documents themselves at home.

The Benefits Of Professional Document Shredding & Cardboard Recycling In Chicago

Unfortunately, for many business executives and homeowners, they don’t realize just how invaluable having a professional provider manage their documents can be…until it’s too late. Should their business or household documents fall into the wrong hands, it can wreak havoc on their professional and personal lives. If you’re currently considering adding document shredding to your paper and cardboard recycling process, read on; knowing a few key benefits that outsourcing your paper shredding needs delivers can help make the decision-making process a simple one.

Working with a professional provider, such as CRI, to manage your shredding services can instantly deliver thorough paper management and optimal security. At CRI, we only offer highly-skilled and trained industry experts who understand how important it is for our clients’ business and household paperwork to be properly disposed of. No matter what the size and scope of your needs, we can create a personalized approach to document shredding as well as cardboard recycling to ensure you have a comprehensive strategy that best suits all of your needs and protects against fraud and identity theft throughout the process.

Additionally for business-owning clients, utilizing our document shredding services offers the benefit of legal protection as well. No matter what type of business you are running, you have a responsibility to your clients to keep their confidential information safeguarded at all times. CRI’s professional document shredding services can help you do just that; our team of industry experts can deliver that extra layer of confidence your clients need to know that their private information is in good hands.

Partnering with CRI for your document shredding needs also delivers ample environmental perks for companies and homeowners alike. At CRI we not only shred your papers, we also recycle and repurpose them to ensure that they do not end up spending an eternity in a landfill. We proudly help our clients reduce their overall carbon footprint, minimize waste and stay as eco-friendly as possible, both at home as well as in the workplace.

Ready to learn why we are the leading provider of document shredding and cardboard recycling in Chicago? Contact us today.

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