Commercial Plastic Recycling Solutions

While plastic waste is an inevitable by-product of manufacturing and production, left unattended, plastic scrap accumulates and disrupts warehouse workflow and efficiency. Therefore, instead of piling plastics up in your facility, call Combined Resources to load one of our 200 + trailers with all of your recyclables and haul the waste away. We specialize in providing commercial plastic recycling solutions to high-volume producers.

We accept many different plastic grades, and provide you with the best value for each grade.

Types of Industrial Plastic Products we Haul and Recycle

Shrink Wrap Industrial Plastic PVC
Bottles Plastic Films Polypropylene


We can take all your commercial plastic materials in a “mixed load.” Therefore, there is no need to sort yourself.

Contact us today for a free assessment of your recycling needs at 630.693.0111 or online.