Commercial Paper Recycling Solutions

At Combined Resources, we provide clients who regularly produce large volumes of paper waste with a tailored commercial paper recycling program. Since our clients load all recyclables into a single truck, there is no need to sort the materials themselves. Therefore, they save time and money. We specialize in large volume loads, scheduling pickups in a timely manner, therefore ensuring your facility stays clean and safe.

We also provide the necessary equipment and materials to recover your various grades of paper. This includes spotting our trailers, providing plastic totes, gaylords, or bailers. As we tally paper waste based on individual grade of recyclable paper, you are sure to receive the most accurate valuation for your commercial recycling.

We do the sorting for you and accept all commercial and industrial recycling materials within the same load.

Types of Paper Products

All Printer Grades Sorted Office Paper Hardcover Books
Chipboard Boxes Cardboard Boxes Shredded Paper


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